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Cure/Inflict Wounds [Psychic]

Prerequisite: , Psychic Healing
Benefit: This power can be used to heal injuries, or to cause harm. Either use requires touching the subject and a Heal skill check, with a DC that rises every time an attempt is made on that subject during the same day (by any psychic) as the subject's aura becomes progressively scrambled: the DC is 5 for the first attempt, and rises by 5 for each subsequent attempt. Curative spells will stabilize the aura and reduce the DC by 5 for a cure light wounds spell, 10 for a cure moderate wounds or mass cure light wounds, and 15 for a cure serious wounds: more powerful spells will "reset" the subject's aura completely. If successful, this power will cure or inflict damage at the rate of 1 hp per round for as long as you maintain concentration, up to a maximum number of rounds equal to your overall character level plus the subject's level plus your Wisdom modifier. The harmful version can be used on sleeping subjects without waking them, and if death ensues, it will appear to be due to natural causes (heart failure): this technique is sometimes used by psychic assassins. This power can also be used to repair temporary ability damage and fatigue, as the lesser restoration spell does. It cannot cure wounds and act as a lesser restoration at the same time.

Note: Related to Psionic Gifts Variant Rule

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