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Demigod (3.5e Template)[edit]

The effects of one of your parents being mortal and the other immortal.

A demigod in appearance is merely an exceptional specimen of his mortal parent's race, stronger and more fair than all but a few.

Demigods are not like lesser mortals. While most people exist complacently somewhere between good and evil, content to putter along in their dull lives exhibiting neither great heroism nor dastardly villainy, a demigod is never ordinary to anything more than passing observation. They may indeed go many years at time without doing anything noteworthy, but they infallibly either prove themselves the most selfless and noble of saints or the most depraved and demonic of persons. Being as they are far greater in capacity for good or ill than mortals, there is ultimately little in way of grey about their personalities.

A demigod has an immense impact on his or her surroundings. Their emotions and moods are not contained to to their own self. Even if a demigod is sitting silent and unseen, lesser beings around him will be influenced by strong emotions he experiences. A jubilant demigod passing through town, greeting cheerily the people he passes, may inadvertently cause a regular festival to appear in his wake, while a demigod fuming silently may accidentally start a riot.

Creating a Demigod[edit]

Demigod is an inherited template that may be applied to any living corporeal creature of the Humanoid, Monstrous Humanoid, Outsider, Fey, or Giant type.

Special Qualities[edit]

  • You mantain a divine rank of 1 and receive/maintain all abilities associated with the your divine rank. If your parent grants you a specific domain you may use any salient abilities that are within that portfolio but also all cleric domains that relate to it.
  • 3HD (d8) Outsider. COnstitution modifier applies as usual.
  • Unswerving of will and unassailable of mind, you gain all immunities of a deitie with divine rank of 1.
  • Divine wrath: The wrath of a demigod is a fearsome thing to behold. Any enemy that comes within 30 feet of you in battle must make a Will save, DC 15 + your HD + your Charisma modifier, all creatures without divine rank, even with immunity to fear, need make the test or becoming Panicked.

Challenge Rating[edit]

Challenge Rating increases by 7.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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