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Those whose souls have been tainted with the essence of "shadowstuff" find their spiritual powers as mailable as the Shadow Plane itself.

The Plane of Shadow is a morphic plane easy to shape and redefine with magic and force of will. For those who have the essence of the plane within them, their own bodies become partly morphic, able to re-define the nature of the magic they cast and the nature of their mind and souls. The miasma of quasi-reality surrounds them and protects them in a thin, barely perceptible sheathe of energy as they slip like a greased shadow through the world.

Creating a Shadowmorph[edit]

This template is an inherited template which can be added to any living creature.

Size and Type[edit]

The creature’s type changes to outsider (extraplanar) and the augmented subtype. Do not recalculate the creature’s Hit Dice, base attack bonus, or saves. Size is unchanged. Shadowmorphs are native to the plane of shadow.


The world seems to warp around them as they move, gaining an effective +10 to their movement speeds. Also while employing the Shadow Walk spell, if they are the caster they move at 100 mph instead of 50 mph.

Special Qualities[edit]

Improved Darkvision: The shadowmorph gains darkvision out to 60 feet or improves existing darkvision by 60 ft.

Morphic Aura (Su): The shadowmorph can alter their spiritual presence to appear as something it is not, and infused with quasi-reality, it actually allows them to change how the world reacts to their alignment. Whenever subject to something which checks for your alignment (such as a divination, picking up an aligned weapon, or being subject to an aligned spell) there is a percentage chance that you can successfully bluff being a different alignment of your choice. For every 1 HD you possess you have a 10% chance of successfully bluffing your alignment, to a maximum of 100% at 10th.

Magic Light Sensitivity: They still retain the ability to be in normal lighting conditions with little discomfort, however magic light seems to tap into the plane of light dealing 1d8+4 damage from light based attacks and suffer 1d8+4 damage per turn from magical light producing spells cast on them or active within 5 feet of them, such as globe of day light or continual light. This was probably a form of easy punishment and execution for their slaves.

Shadow Familiar (Su): Empowered with shadowstuff, the shadowmorph's own shadow takes a life of its own. When left alone the shadowmorph's shadow may not match up with his body. As a standard action at will the shadowmorph may call his shadow to stand up. The resulting creature is similar to an unseen servant, though it may change opacity from anything from invisible to pitch black, and has a mind of its own. Even so, it has the mind of its caster, including physical and mental abilities (but none of the class abilities, feats, or skills), and follows the caster's commands. However, it's limited to the functions and abilities of the unseen servant spell. If destroyed it merely fades out for 1d4 rounds before it can be summoned again.


Morphic Skin (Su): A shadowmorph may blend into the surroundings as if they weren't there. They gain camouflage granting a +10 enhancement bonus to Hide checks.


Plane of Shadow.

Challenge Rating[edit]




Level Adjustment[edit]

LA +2.

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