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True Deity[edit]

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While there are many deities, and all are powerful, there is almost always only one True Deity, the First and Foremost, the utmost Supreme God/Goddess.

Creating a True Deity[edit]

This is an inherited template, and can occur within any creature likely to have members of good alignment.

Size and Type[edit]

Retains previous type and gains the True Outsider subtype. Size is unchanged.

Hit Dice[edit]

All HD increase to d20, and gains 25 HP per HD.


30 ft land speed. Also gains a pair of metallic-silver feathered wings for every HD, granting a flight speed of the land speed x HD.

Armor Class[edit]

Gains Natural Armor equal to HD.
Gains a Competence bonus to AC equal to HD.


Retains the ability to use manufactured weapons, along with any natural weapons the base creature has.
He/she also gains a natural weapon of his/her choice, dealing 1d4 Damage, per HD.
Gains a Competence bonus equal to HD to all attack rolls, and maximum damage x HD on all damage rolls.

Full Attack[edit]

Same as Attack.

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Attacks

  • Detect Alignment (Ex) = Detects the exact alignment of any target, usable at will.
  • True Smite (Ex) = Gains a bonus equal to HD to any attack's attack and damage roll, usable at will.
  • Divine Prowess (Ex) = Gains a single ability per HD that can take the form and/or effect of any spell, power, class feature, etc, already existing, or create an entirely new one. These abilities grows in power with the True Deity, adding a single upgrade to the ability/abilities per HD.

Special Qualities[edit]

Age Shifter (EX) = The base creature's maximum lifespan is changed to infinite, and becomes immune to age penalties. In addition, the True Deity can shift his/her physical age to any desired, at will.
Damage Reduction (Ex) = Gains DR/- equal to HD x 3.
Divine Blessings (Ex) = Gains all the positive traits and abilities of any single creature, race or template, per 4 HD. Can also select a class with this, with levels equal to Character Level.
Divine Boons (Ex) = Gains 1d4 Special Qualities of your choice per HD.
Elemental Resistance (Ex) = Gains 10 x HD Resistance to Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire and Sonic.
Immunities (Ex) = Gains full immunity to one thing, per HD.
Regeneration (Ex) = Gains Regen/- equal to HD.
Self-Sustaining (Ex) = Does not need to eat, drink, sleep or breathe.
True Good (Ex) = May use Lawful and Chaotic methods, abilities and classes regardless of actual alignment and class restrictions, as long as it is good-aligned.


All ability scores before modification are increased to 25.
All Ability Score modifiers equals Ability Scores.
In addition, all Ability Scores are increased by (HD x HD) per HD.


All skills are class skills.


Can choose 3+HD bonus feats per HD, even if the True Deity does not meet the requirements.
In addition, the True Deity can spend a feat point to make a single modification of the True Deity's choice to a feat already chosen.


Same as base creature.


Always Solitary.

Challenge Rating[edit]

+ 5.




Any Good.


Advances by Class/es.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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