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Lycan, Lore Variant

Lycans in lore are imited to only one type: wolf. They are men beyond men: bestial, powerful, deadly. Feared across all four continents of Lore, they exist where their mortal enemies, the vampires, cannot.

Deemed unholy beasts by all creatures, Lycans have an underground life style, telling none of their curse. Few deem this a blessing, and many hate those that made them this way aswell as those who condemn them to solitude. Cults, or packs of lycanthropes sometimes form out of necessity or hatred. These often designate the most powerful as the alpha wolf, or wolf lord.

Creating a Lycanthrope

Lycans can be born, or made. A creatue bitten by a lycan must make a Fort save or transform on the next full moon.

Size and Type

Humanoid(Shapechanger), In human or base form a lycan shares the base creatures original size. In hybrid form, they can be either medium or large and in animal form they are the same size and appearance as a wolf, thus only wolf lycans exist.

Hit Dice

In animal and hybrid form, a lyan gets an additional 2D8 Hit dice. Not being in a fragile Base form increases their durability and life expectancy in combat. The additional Hit dice does not affect save or base attack bonuses, nor does it increase skill points. The only variable difference is an increase of hit points.


+10 to base speed. Lycans are fast like the wolf blood that blackens their veins

Armor Class

+2 natural armor bonus. Lycans have extremely tough flesh and can take more then a human can.


Lycans gain 2 claw (1d6) and 1 bite (1d4). In hybrid and Wolf form, Lycans gain 2 claw and 1 bite attacks.

Full Attack

2 claws and 1 bite, or weapon in base form (infected creature)

Special Attacks

Curse of Lycanthropy: Creatures bitten by a lycan must make a DC 10+ Constitution mod+ 1/2 the bitters HD Fortitude save or turn into a lycanthrope under the next full moon.

Special Qualities

Silverbaned: Lycans killed by any non silver weapon will rise in 1 day at 1 hit point. They cannot be killed be conventional means, only by silver.

Darkvision (Ex): a Lycan has darkvision out to 60 feet.


+4 Strength, +4 Dexterity, +2Constitution -2 Charisma. add -2 Wisdom if acquired this template from a bite. Lycans are powerful beasts but not many are fond of them and those bitten that become lycans are weak willed.


As class or base creature


As base creature


Any. Lycans are not harmed by sunlight.


Lonewolf (Solitary) or Pack (8-10 Lycans and 1 Wolf Lord)

Challenge Rating


Level Adjustment


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