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Belmont clan[edit]

Belmont clan members are significantly more experienced and seasoned combatants who have trained to master the skill of the Belmont clan. More durable and more dangerous than other human, they are talented individuals.

Belmont Qualities[edit]

Most Belmont clan members bear scars of past conflicts, having lived a life of difficulty and fighting out of absolute necessity. Albeit marred and marked by their experiences, the Belmont's are markedly more talented combatants who have nearly a lifetime's worth of strife to draw on for wisdom in battle, regardless of their actual age.

Psychologically, Belmont's are much more canny combatants who can rapidly assess their situations before taking action.

The Belmont clan was formed with the purpose of destroying the creatures of the night.

Creating a Belmont clan member[edit]

The Belmont clan template is an acquired template that can be added to any living humanoid.

Size and Type[edit]

The base creature’s type does not change.

Hit Dice[edit]

same as base creature.


base creature speed + 50%.

Armor Class[edit]

The belmont's Armor Class receives a permanent +2 Dodge bonus.


All attack rolls for a Belmont clan member receive a +2 Competence bonus against non-human creatures.


All damage rolls for a Belmont clan member receive a +2 Competence bonus.

Special Attacks[edit]

Same as the base creature.

Special Qualities[edit]

All Belmont clan members receive a +1 Competence bonus to all saving throws.


A Belmont clan member gains the following increases to ability scores

+2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, and +2 Charisma


Same as the base creature.


All Belmont clan members' creatures gain 2 bonus feats


Varies, typically same as base creature.


Varies, typically same as base creature, but often in higher standing or status.

Challenge Rating[edit]

Same as base creature +1.


Any. Although most Belmont clan members are Neutral because of their experiences and training.


Same as base creature or by character class.

Level Adjustment[edit]

Same as base creature +1.

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