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Biomechanical Creature[edit]

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Creatures blessed with both the durable shell of a construct and the natural regeneration of a living being.

Creating a biomechanical creature[edit]

This inherited template may be applied to any creature (construct, dragon, giant, humanoid, monstrous humanoid, or vermin), referred to hereafter as the base creature. This creature is the same in every way except as listed below.

Size and Type[edit]

The base creature's size becomes that of its adult age category, if that would change its size. Their form also becomes bulky because of the somewhat awkward shape and heft of their new metal carapace. The creature's type is changed to Construct[Biomechanical], however the base creature keeps any other subtypes it may have as well.

(The biomechanical subtype is expounded on in the "Special Qualities" section)

Hit Dice[edit]

All of the base creature's racial HD change to d8.


The base creature's speed is reduced by 5 ft. if they are of small or smaller size category. However, speed cannot be reduced below 5 ft. in this manner, and will not effect a creature's speed that is already lower than 5 ft.

The metal shell can only be so compact, thus smaller creatures have harder times moving in it.

Armor Class[edit]

The base creature gains +1 natural armor from their new metal carapace. This bonus stacks with any natural armor already granted because of tough skin of shell the base creature may have already had.


The base creature retains its weapon proficiencies.

Full Attack[edit]

The base creature preforms it's full attack as normal.

Special Attacks[edit]

A biomechanical creature's hands are considered, in every sense, as wearing gauntlets appropriate for their size category. This does not change them into natural weapons, but instead manufactured unarmed weapons, as normal for gauntlets.

If permitted by the GM, claws or spikes may be added to change the damage type accordingly, as it is not unknown to these creatures how to make the simple change.

Special Qualities[edit]

The base creature gains the following:

Biomechanical Subtype[edit]
  • Metal Shell (Ex): A biomechanical creature has a bulky, supportive exoskeleton. This shell, though more of a structural lattice, provides +1 natural armor. Because it also replaces a portion of the creature's muscles, the shell also grants +2 Str. Unfortunately, because of it's bulk, it also causes -2 Dex, -4 Swim (when natively medium or smaller), and -5 ft. land speed (when natively small or smaller). This armor is also conductive, and thus the creature is susceptible to electric attacks and spell effects, such as heat, chill, and repel metal.
  • Construct Body (Ex): As long as the creature is properly maintained (using Craft (construct or metalworking)), it will not age. Each 1/2 year a biomechanical creature ceases to be maintained or when it's hp has not been restored to full, unless it remains inactive, it's effective age category increases by +1. Biomechanical creatures, even still, do not mentally age naturally, nor do they change in size as they grow old. Because of this, it is common to find biomechanical creatures in their base creatures adult size, if the normal creature would grow as they aged.
  • Biological Components (Ex): A biomechanical creature has specific abilities and needs because of the vulnerability of its organic parts.
    • Digestive Tract: A biomechanical creature needs to eat and drink. However, they absorb organic matter's nutrients through touch rather than eating, as a good amount of them have no popper teeth. The drained object remains intact, but looses any nutritional value and taste, becoming useless as sustenance. This process is extremely efficient, but not to the effect that it can be used to cause any real damage.
    • Lungs: A biomechanical creature retains the base creature's breathing requirements. I the base creature does not need to breath, the new creature needs to breath air.
    • Immune System: -1 Fort. Unfortunately for these creatures, the lack of much internal separation from external exposure, they are particularly weak to disease and infection.
    • Organic Cells: In place of the base creature's natural healing (if any), a biomechanical creature instead heals hp by 1/2 their Con mod per hour.


  • +2 Str
  • -2 Dex
  • Has Con score.


  • -4 Swim unless base creature has the water subtype or is size large or larger.


The base creature retains its feats.


A biomechanical creature will, for the great majority, be most comfortable in tropical climates where there is a good amount of light.


Biomechanical creatures form communities that usually favor either progressing knowledge and equipment or expanding and calming territory. These directives are quite commonly followed aggressively and spontaneously, with some of the braver (or just plane inattentive) members going so far as to jump in the way of fatal danger to acquire special-looking equipment or note an unexplored facet of an undocumented creature. It is also quite common for some species to gather hordes of minions and warriors alike to conquer the more dangerous lands and seas that no one would naturally live in.

Interactions with other races vary greatly depending on the base creature. It is quite common for these creatures to suddenly gain elemental abilities, and their cultures quite often divide into their similar elemental categories. It is not unheard of for animosity to form over social maters between the devided race, nor is it uncommon to see members working with others of different elemental affinities.

Challenge Rating[edit]

CR +0


A biomechanical creature has double items and fractional coins typically. The base creature retaining it's normal treasure may happen 10% of the time,


The base creature retains it's alignment.


A biomechanical creature may choose to advance through the gain of racial HD or class level.

Level Adjustment[edit]

LA +0

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