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Psionic Variant - Natural Psion[edit]

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A variant of the Psionic Template offering limited Psionic Powers rather than Psi-like abilities.

Creatures who are Natural Psions have been born with intellects naturally attuned to psionic manifestation, but how they develop their strange talents is up to them.

Creating a Psionic Variant - Natural Psion[edit]

This is an inherited template that may be taken by any 1st level creature with an Intelligence of 7 or more.

Size and Type[edit]

Size: unchanged

Type: The creature's type does not change unless it is an animal, in which case it becomes a Magical Beast. Gain (Psionic) subtype.

Special Attacks[edit]

Psionic Powers(Su): The Creature can emulate the manifestating ability of a 1st Level Psion, with one exception, his maximum powers known is only 1. Due to the unrefined nature of his talents, he is not as versatile as a more fully-trained initiate in the Art. As such, A Natural Psion who takes levels in Psion(any) can add this emulated level to his class levels in order to determine his power points, bonus power points, maximum powers known, maximum power level, manifester level, and maximum power points per manifestation.

Special Qualities[edit]

Psionic(Ex): Power Point Reserve +2


Intelligence: Base creature +4


Add Autohypnosis, Concentration, PsiCraft, and Use Psionic Device to the class skills for the creature's first level only.

Challenge Rating[edit]

CR: Base creature + 1


By character class

Level Adjustment[edit]

LA: Base creature + 1

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