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The Shadow Grafted[edit]

Author: Spikes01k

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A number of beings have been captured and brought into the Plane of Shadows over time. These beings and their descendants find themselves vastly magically altered. Some are kept on the plane, others become obedient and loyal fighters for their captors. They are processed so they may be able to survive in the shadow planes and be made useful to their dark masters. The transformation was supposed to give them dark vision and the sensitivity to magical light. The process, however, was never perfected and other side effects have manifested. Visually their skin, scales, etc. are always darker then normal for their race, and while in shadows their eyes also appear to be nothing but black orbs and have a slight shadowy aura to them which seems to envelop them more when they want to hide.


Template: Add all of the following to the base creature.

Requirement: Any race except entities that are already shadow plane touched (such as the Shadow Grafted process) or an Outsider from that plane of shadow, constructs, undead, and other non-living beings, with the exception of flesh golems that were altered or purely comprised from altered components.

  • Add subtype(outsider. native) or subtype(outsider) if they were already an outsider from the plane of shadow
  • -2 Strength, +4 Dexterity
  • +2 racial bonus to Hide and Move Silently
  • Gain 60ft darkvision, or 90-foot darkvision if you already had darkvision from another source.
  • Movement: The shadow grafted’s base speed increases by 5 feet in all movement modes
  • Shadow Form (su): Once per day per 6 character levels, the shadow grafted may envelop himself with a shadowy haze making them nothing but a three dimensional shadowy silhouette. This grants them a concealment (20% chance to be missed), a further +2 circumstance bonus to their Hide and Move Silently skills, and a +4 to all Bluff checks when performing a feint attempt. This lasts for 1 round + 1 round/3 HD rounded down.
  • Magic Light Sensitivity: They still retain the ability to be in normal lighting conditions with little discomfort, however magic light seems to tap into the plane of light dealing 4+1d8 damage from light based attacks and suffer 4+1d8 damage per turn from magical light producing spells cast on them or active within 5 feet of them, such as globe of day light or continual light. This was probably a form of easy punishment and execution for their slaves.
  • Cold Immunity
  • LA: 0

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