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Half-Hound Archon[edit]

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Creatures that have a Hound Archon for one parent.

Half-Hound Archon are creatures with a Hound Archon for one parent and a humanoid for parent. Common humanoid parents include Elves, Humans, and Half-Elves, but others humanoids have been known to appear. They are good aligned, but can be seen as outcasts because of their Hound Archon side.

Creating a Half-Hound Archon[edit]

Half-Hound Archon is an inherited template that can be added to any living, corporeal creature with an Intelligence score of 6 or higher and non-evil alignment (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

Size and Type[edit]

The size remains the same, but they gain the "Outsider" type which replaces base type, and the Archon subtype.

Hit Dice[edit]

The creatures Hit Dice changes from their class or racial Hit Dice to d12.


The creatures speed increases by 10 feet, like 30 feet to 40 feet, or 20 feet to 30 feet.

Armor Class[edit]

Half-Hound Archon gain a +2 natural armor bonus.


Half-Hound Archon retain all abilities to use weapons and gain a bite attack (see Special Attacks).

Full Attack[edit]

Half-Hound Archon rely on manufactured weapons first, but will then resort to natural weapons as a final attack.

Special Attacks[edit]

Natural Weapons: Half-Hound Archon gain a bite attack that deals 1d4-1 (minimum 1) damage for small creatures, 1d4+1 damage for medium creatures, and 1d6 damage for large creatures.

Special Qualities[edit]

Shape Change: a Half-Hound Archon can shape change at-will as if under the affects of a polymorph spell, and can transform into any creature of their size or one size smaller. Spell-Like Abilities: three times per day a Half-Hound Archon can use Daylight, Cure Light Wounds, Bless, and teleport without error as spell-like abilities, caster level is 7th.


Half-Hound Archon gain the following ability bonuses, +4 strength, +2 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma.


Half-Hound Archon receive a +2 bonus on Spot, Search, and Listen checks, as well as a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks.

Half-Hound Archon gain skill points equal to (8 + Int bonus) × (HD + 3).


Half-Hound Arhon have a choice of receiving Improved Natural Armor, Improve Initiative, or Weapon Focus (natural weapon, bite).


Half-Hound Archon live in the same environment as the base creature.


Half-Hound Archon are found solitary or in a group (2-6).

Challenge Rating[edit]

+2 to the base creatures challenge rating.


Same as base creature.


Any good alignment.


Same as base creature except Hit Dice changes to d12.

Level Adjustment[edit]

+2 level adjustment.

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