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Not all golems are solid stone or iron. Some are complex creations of turning gears and pressurized steam. Often controlled by a shadow intelligence or magical runic programming rather than a bound elemental spirit, they possess some strange quirks to the otherwise "simple" process of single-element constructs.

Creating a Clockwork[edit]

This template is an inherited template applied to any construct that is not a living construct. They are formed this way on creation.

Size and Type[edit]

There is no change in size or type, but it gains the Clockwork subtype. The clockwork traits are given below.

Special Qualities[edit]

Being composed of gears, springs, pipes, and wires, they have a great deal of vital, moving parts. Remove one, and the system may fail. As such the construct becomes vulnerable to critical hits, with 25% fortification.

In return, they gain pseudo-intelligence based on their Cha score. The complexity of their programming depends on their Cha. Each clockwork has a limited range of tasks they are given, from as simple as "guard this place" to as complex as managing a communications system. Within their "Portfolio" they have capable intelligence as any being with an equivalent Int score. Outside, they are unlikely to understand commands and revert to their base, golem concepts of instructions. If the portfolio includes 'combat', it gains proficiency in all simple and martial weapons, OR a single exotic weapon.

The clockwork golem can gain one Portfolio for every 6 points of Cha it possesses.

In addition, a clockwork golem is easier to salvage than a traditional golem. While a golem when reduced to 0 hp falls apart into a pile of rubble, what was formerly a large chunk of stone, iron, or flesh, a clockwork golem would fall into various re-usable springs and cogs which can be pieced back together. A clockwork golem falls apart at -10 hp as if it were a living creature (or if using 3.75e Dying Rules -10 - (1/2 your HD x Cha modifier).


The construct's Cha score becomes 3d6 (minimum 3).



Challenge Rating[edit]

+0 CR for one portfolio, +1 CR for two, +2 CR for three, and so forth.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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