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Creating a creature who is Alluring to Alpha[edit]

Creatures who have this template are immensely attractive and healthy, they are often picked by alphas as breeding partners due to there natural beauty, and they are wearily aware of this.

This template is an inherited . This template can be applied to any creatures who reproduce bey breeding


Each of the Alluring to Alpha’s speeds increases by +10 ft. over the corresponding speeds of the base creature.

Armor Class[edit]

Increase natural armor by +2.

Special Qualities[edit]

Special Defenses:fast healing (equal to Charisma bonus); Immune magic aging, disease; Resist Negative and positive Energy 10, increase the base creature’s Cold and Electricity resistance by 10. Healthy Breed: +50% conception with all creatures.


Str:+2 Dex:+8 Con:+20 Int:+8 Wis:+2 Cha:+30


this creatures gains the following racial bonuses:+8 Bluff,+20 Diplomacy and +8 Perform.

Challenge Rating[edit]

CR: Same as the base creature +4.

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