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LA −10
LA −4
LA −3
LA −2
LA −1
LA 0
LA 1
LA 2
LA 3
LA 4
Alluring to Alpha: Creatures who have this template are immensely attractive and healthy, they are often picked by alphas as breeding partners due to there natural beauty, and they are wearily aware of this.
LA 5
LA 6
LA 7
LA 8
LA 9
LA 10
LA 20
Champion of the Light: Champions of the Light, or Truthblades, are Champions of the Gods that were rewarded for their exceptional Service with the Same Power, Freedom and Authority as the Gods themselves.
Variable LA[1]
LA —[2]
Pathfinder Template Preload:
True Deity: While there are many deities, and all are powerful, there is almost always only one True Deity, the First and Foremost, the utmost Supreme God/Goddess.
  1. These templates do not have a defined LA; it can change when certain options are selected.
  2. These templates cannot be selected in a player character's progression, they can only be used for NPCs or creatures.
  3. These templates are most likely fairly minimal, and they do not have an LA present. Please feel free to help expand upon and help these templates.
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