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Elemental Creature[edit]

Elemental Creatures dwell in the Inner Planes. They appear superficially similar in shape to material plane creatures, but actually are made of the elements, formed into the shape of a creature and with the ability to move. They are more closely related to elementals than the creatures they resemble, and are driven by the same motivations. Elemental sapients are all extremely rare. [[Summary::Elemental Creatures appear superficially similar in shape to material plane animals, but are more closely related to elementals than the creatures they resemble, and are driven by the same motivations.

Creating an Elemental Creature[edit]

"Elemental" is an inherited template that can be applied to any aberration, animal, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, plant, or vermin. It uses all of the base creature's statistics and abilities except where noted here. When creating one, a home plane (the Plane of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, or Electric) must be selected.

Type and Subtypes[edit]

Animals or vermin with this template become magical beasts, but otherwise the creature type is unchanged. The creature gains the appropriate subtype (electricity for Electric). Size is unchanged. Elemental creatures encountered on the Material Plane have the extraplanar subtype


Depends on elemental origin. Air creatures gain a Fly speed of 100 feet, with perfect maneuverability. Earth creatures gain a burrow speed equal to their highest movement mode, and, if they have a fly speed, it is halved and drops one maneuverability class, to a minimum of clumsy. Fire and Electric creatures gain +20' to all movement modes they possess. Water creatures gain a Swim speed of 100 feet.

Special Attacks[edit]

Elemental creatures have all the special attacks of the base creature, plus one more depending on type:

  • Air, Earth, and Water creatures gain the Mastery ability of the appropriate Elemental.
  • Fire creatures inflict an additional 1d6 fire damage on their natural weapon attacks and to any creature touching them, and light anything that takes that damage on fire (Reflex save, DC 10 + 1/2 Hit Dice + Con modifier to not be lit on fire).
  • Electric creatures inflict 1d6 electric damage to anything they hit, and also cause things they hit to become fatigued (Fortitude save DC 10 + 1/2 Hit Dice + Constitution modifier to negate the fatigue)

Special Qualities[edit]

Elemental Creatures gain the special qualities of the elemental type and keep those of the base creature. If they have at least 8 Hit Dice, they also gain damage reduction 5/-; if they have at least 12 Hit Dice, 10/-. They also gain more qualities by type: Earth creatures gain Tremorsense and electric creatures gain Fast Healing equal to their Hit Dice and the ability to count as a Plant for purposes of determining whether or not they are a valid target for any effect whenever it would be advantageous to them.


Air, Fire: Dexterity +4 Strength +2. Earth, Water, Electric: Strength +4, Dexterity +2.

Int is at least 3.


An Elemental Creature with an Intelligence score of 4 or more speaks the appropriate elemental language. Electric Elementals usually speak Jolton.


Appropriate elemental plane.


As base creature.

Challenge Rating[edit]

As the base creature +3.

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