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The anthropomorphic Walrus creatures from World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King.

A brown skinned, large, walrus-looking humanoid. Wears furs and wields spears.

Creating a Tuskarr[edit]

Inherited template. Humanoids or Monstrous Humanoids.

Size and Type[edit]

The creature has it's size increased by one category if Small or smaller, or reduced by one if Large or bigger. All abilities are retained.

Hit Dice[edit]

No change to HD


A creature with this temple has 30 feet, and retains this speed under a heavy load.

Armor Class[edit]

No changes to AC


The base creatures retains or gains the ability to use manufactured weapons. The base creatures also gains natural weapons of tusks.

Full Attack[edit]

The base creature may attack with it's tusks at a +2 attack bonus, and deals 2d6 damage upon a successful hit.

Special Attacks[edit]

Any special attacks are retained.

Special Qualities[edit]

The base creature retains any special qualities, and gains: Blubber. A layer of blubber surround the creatures innards, allowing it to exist comfortably in freezing temperatures.


+2 Wisdom, +2 Strength, -2 Charisma.




Weapon Focus: Spear.


Arctic regions.


Pair, Squad (3-8), Group (10-20, 1/4 of which are noncombat), Village (20-35, 1/4 of which are noncombat.)

Challenge Rating[edit]

The creatures challenge ratings becomes 3.


Materials of bone and wood. Tuskarr appreciate practical items, not jewelry or shinies.


Mostly good. (Any)


Character Class

Level Adjustment[edit]


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