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Silver Children[edit]

"A small creature the size of a chld stands in front of you. It seems to shimmer in the light as you notice that it is made entirely of silvery metal that shifts as it moves. Its eyes are hollow orbs of mercury."

Silver Children are mysterious beings who seek only to create more of themselves. They are not particularly intelligent, but they are very quick.

Creating a Silver Child[edit]

'Silver Children' is an acquired template can be applied to any corporal Aberration, Animal, Dragon, Fey, Giant, Humanoid, Magical Beast, or Outsider. Upon change, the creatures skin glosses to appear grey and incredibly shiny.

Size and Type[edit]

The creature's type changes to aberration, it loses its elemental subtypes (if any) as well as its skeletal structure. It does not lose any other subtypes. Its size decreases by one rank, to a minimum of Tiny.

Hit Dice[edit]

All Hit Dice, current and future, turn to d8's. The creature also gains an additional three Hit Dice.


The creatures land speed increases by 10 feet. Other movement modes remain unchanged.

Armor Class[edit]

The creature gains +11 Natural Armour


The creature loses the ability to use manufactured weapons, but gains a bite attack, and can now shape its hands to form hard spikes. If it chooses to, a silver child can launch one of the spikes as a ranged touch attack.

Full Attack[edit]

2 Hand Spikes (+12 for 2d8) Bite (+10 for 1d12) Spike Shot (+10 for 1d6)

Special Attacks[edit]

The creature retains all special attacks.

Special Qualities[edit]

A Silver Child gains Regeneration 5, Resistance 10 to metal weapons, Telepathy 100 ft (other Silver Children only), Silver Pool, Silver Shakes, immunity to poison and water effects. It loses its need to eat and breathe.

Silver Pool(Ex): To sleep, a Silver child forms a pool of liquid. While in this form, its speed drops to 5 feet and it gains an DR 15/Magic. When the creature is awake, the pool to swirls rapidly. Any creature stepping on the pool must make a Reflex save (DC 22) or fall in. Such a creature takes 2d10 slashing damage. If the pool is attacked with a slashing weapon (AC 10), the Silver Child must make a Fort. Save (10+ HD of attacker+ Str Mod.) or have the pool split. If the pool splits, the creature immediately takes 3d6 damage and reassembles itself in its base creatures form.

Silver Shakes (Ex): A Silver Child with more than 12 HD can disease with a natural attack. If it hits, the attacked creature must make a Fortitude save or contract the Silver Shakes. (DC 15, Incubation 1 day, damage 1 Dex, 1 Wis.) If the diseased creatures Dex or Wis drops to zero, its body disolves into silvery liquid, and it becomes another Silver Child. The DC is Constitution based.


The creature gains +14 Dex, +2 Str, and +2 Con. Silver Children are exceptionally quick.


+2 Balance, +2 Tumble, +2 Listen, +2 Spot, +2 Search


A Silver Child retains all feats.


As Base Creature.


Solitary, Cluster (3-15), or Mob (15-30)

Challenge Rating[edit]



As Base Creature


Usually Neutral


By Character Class

Level Adjustment[edit]


Note: Though they have no real skeletal structure, there is a 10% chance that it can be raised as a skeleton.

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