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Mercurian Herald[edit]

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In times of dire need, when the gods were busy waging war or simply too absorbed in the matters of political or worldly agenda there was need for communication between allies as well as adversaries. Mercurian Heralds were appointed by the many gods to courier information upon their will, sometimes even interplanar travel was required in order to complete such tasks. Requiring speed, stealth along with a quick wit and ability to make on-the-spot decisions a Mercurian Herald always knows the shortest distance between two points and can exploit space and even time in order to accomplish their task. Their ability can extend beyond that of their patron deity but a Mercurian Herald must always answer the call of the master without any delay. Some Herald have been forgotten before by their lords and so wander throughout the planes, seeking any form of occupation in order to pass the sometimes ages between orders.

Mercurian Heralds appear as per their former selves with the exception of a large set of feathered wings of varying color and design sprouting from below the shoulder blades. They also tend to emit an emanating aura of light from their person, making their presence sometimes less than secretive. Heralds tend to have strange and erratic behaviors when they have the duties of their deity to attend to, as they will abandon any task they are currently undertaking and simply disappear into the horizon in an instant.

Creating a Mercurian Herald[edit]

The Merurian Herald is an aquired template which can only apply to base creatures that are of medium size or smaller. The reason being that Heralds are supposed to be able to make only the fastest journeys and size limits the ability to fit through tight spaces and also makes their flight somewhat more difficult.

The following criteria must be met in order to apply the Mercurian Herald template:

  • Base creature must be of medium size or smaller.
  • The base creature must also be of the same alignment as that of their deity or must be within one step of their deity’s (that is, it may be one step away on either the lawful–chaotic axis or the good–evil axis, but not both).
  • The base creature must have run without stopping for at least 26 miles.
  • The base creature is required to have couriered at least a single message (this includes the use of the Message spell).
  • Must have the ability to cast 1st level divine spells

Size and Type[edit]

The size of the base creature remains unchanged when the Mercurian Herald template is applied. However the base creature does lose it's type but retains all subtypes. The base creature gains the type of Outsider (native).

Hit Dice[edit]

The base creatures Hit Dice remain unchanged by the application of this template.


Mercurian Heralds are recruited for their expeditious over land travels and gain +10 ft on top of the base creatures base land speed. The base creatures to which this template is applied also gain the average flight mode of movement. Their wing span of a medium base creature is just under 15 ft and are only able to take off if they are able to fully expand their wings to this width. For smaller creatures, the wing span is decreased by 4-1/2 ft per size smaller than medium, requiring less space to lift off.

Armor Class[edit]

Mercurian Heralds cannot wear any form of armor or shield in order to gain the maximum benefit of their speed. If one should equip armor or shield then they lose their bonus to base land speed and now must have 10ft of runway in a straight line without obstacle per point of armor check penalty in order to take off. If this distance is unable to be met, then the creature is unable to fly at all. If there is no armor check penalty on the armor, then the minimum distance is 10ft in a straight line without obstacle nonetheless.

Heralds are also blessed with particularly light and fast feet, so the creature also gains a Dodge Bonus to AC equal to their Charisma or Dexterity modifier (whichever is higher).


The base creature loses none of its ability to use manufactured or natural weapons nor does it gain any additional natural weapons.

Full Attack[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Special Qualities[edit]

Light Feet (Ex): Because of their erratic and instantaneous change, the base creature becomes much more agile and able to avoid incoming attacks. A Mercurian Herald gains a dodge bonus to AC equal to either their Charisma or Dexterity modifier (whichever is higher). The base creature gains a minimum of +1 dodge bonus to AC even if both their Charisma and Dexterity modifier are negative. Any state or situation which denies the creature their Dexterity modifier to AC will deny their dodge bonus to AC as well.

Teleport (Sp): As a free action a Mercurian Herald is granted the ability to instantly close small distances upon their appointing as a Herald. The stretch which the creature is to teleport over must be free of obstacles as this ability does not allow the Herald to pass through solid objects. A Herald can only teleport in the direction deemed as 'forwards' and is given a 5 ft vertical leeway upwards or downwards in order to meet the surface of the ground at the end of the chosen distance. If the Herald does not meet the ground at the chosen distance the creature is subjected to falling damage (If you do not meet the ground within 10 ft) unless they roll a DC 20 Reflex Save to spread their wings and touch down safely. If this check is not made, you will fall 20 ft and are able to make another check which if successful does not subject you to falling damage. However if you do not meet the ground within 10 ft, add 1d6 per 10 ft after that with a maximum of 20d6. The DC of the Reflex Save will decrease by 1 for every 20 ft you fall.

If the Herald should meet an object prematurely to the chosen distance to teleport, you are subjected to the same circumstances as if falling. Since you have hit the object at high speeds, you take 1d6 damage for every 10 ft the creature moves past the first 10 ft after the teleport is initiated with a maximum of 20d6.

The Herald is able to teleport 20 ft × the base creatures Hit Dice as a maximum. The creature may use teleport equal to their Charisma modifier per day with a minimum of once per day (even if the creatures Charisma modifier is negative).

If the Herald makes a successful Knowledge (geography) check then they are able to estimate accurately large distances in a straight line, preventing unwanted collisions or miscalculations. For distances lower or equal to the base creatures base land speed including the bonus granted by the application (however not by temporary magical effects granted by spells such as Expeditious Retreat) of this template no check is required. However, if the distance is past that of the creatures base land speed the DC is 10 with the relevant modifiers listed below:

DC Distance
None lower than base land speed
10 equal to base land speed
Condition DC Modifier
Every increment greater than base land speed +2
Flat plains, grasslands or plateaus −2
Hilly or mountainous regions +2
Dense forests, marsh or swamplands +4
Greater than 100 ft above the ground −4

Wings of Mercury (Ex): Upon application of the Mercurian Herald template, the base creature gain a set of wings which have a maximum span of 15 ft dependent on the creatures size. The creature gains the average fly mode of movement which allows the creature to fly at a speed equal to half on top of the base creature's base land speed.

Spell-Like Ability: The Herald may use the following ability 1/day Expeditious Retreat.


A Mercurian Herald must be both precise, quick of wit and also aware of its surroundings, it therefore gains a +2 to Dexterity and Charisma but is penalized -2 Strength and Constitution.


Once the Mercurian Herald template is applied, include Climb, Escape Artist, Jump, Knowledge (the planes), Knowledge (geography) and Survival as class skills regardless of the base creatures classes. If some or all of these are already included as class skills, then add a +2 competence modifier to the relevant skills.

The Herald also gains the ability to either: Celestial, Infernal or Abyssal dependent on the alignment of their deity.

Language Deity Alignment
Celestial Lawful Good, Neutral Good & Neutral
Infernal Lawful Evil, Lawful Evil & Neutral Evil
Abyssal Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Good & Chaotic Neutral


Once the Mercurian Herald template is applied, the base creature retains all previously known feats and does not gain any bonus feats from this template.


Mercurian Heralds dwell in all kinds of places and planes as they must travel through these in order to accomplish their given tasks. Nevertheless they tend to wander their home plane when not in active duty.


Heralds are by nature solitary creatures with little need for other beings to slow them down. They do not have any formal place of residence nor organization of any form.

Challenge Rating[edit]




Level Adjustment[edit]

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