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1st-Level Spells Summary
6 Feet Back, ALRIGHT! (Grum's Social Distancing) Force a creature to adhere to social distancing staying at least 6 feet away from you.
Aberrate Warp the form of a creature, turning it into an aberration.
Acidic Smite You strike with a weapon covered in acidic slime
Adloquium Restore some health to an ally and conjure an additional protective shield to safeguard them from further harm.
Aether: Ascent A blast of wind magic allows you to throw your sword upwards with great strength, lifting your target off the ground or ascending great heights.
Aether: Quickdraw By invoking wind magic around the blade in you hand, you are given a moment of intense speed as you slash; propelling yourself forward to strike a distant target.
Affect Cantrips Galore!
Aging Bolt Deals necrotic damage and ages a target.
Agni Shine You throw a hand forward and send a roaring ball of flame roughly 1 foot in diameter towards a target within range.
Agony Warp Damage one target and weaken another
Air Wave With a swing of your weapon, you attack a target within range with a wave of cutting air.
Allowance Create money when you need it, consequences be damned.
Alter Object Alter an object to make it a useful tool on the spot.
Altered Time Dilation
Amorphous Pixie Channeling your magical flow you animate a small portion of helpful glowing dust
Amplify From 3.5e's Amplify
Amusement You attempt to make a humanoid that you can see within range become fixated on and irrepressibly amused by a creature or object of your choice.
Animate Energy Summon a tiny floating ball of undeath
Animate Rope You animate an inanimate rope-like object, such as string, yarn, cord, line, rope, or cable of up to 50 feet or a maximum of 10 lbs.
Animate Shadow You bring to life the shadow of a creature you can see within range.
Antagonist's Poultice As the bane spell
Anti-Evil-Protection You create a magical holy barrier that protects anyone inside of it from evil creatures. No 3rd grade bully will bother you and your friends ever again.
Apostle's Black Flame The go-to spell of the Godskin Apostles
Arc Bolt You conjure an unstable bolt of electricity and fire it toward a target.
Arc Bolt Grenade A grenade that explodes with lightning in a 10 foot cube.
Arc Bolt Grenade, Variant
Arcane Arrow You charge a projectile with arcane energy, ready to release it explosively.
Arcane Battery You can create a multipurpose arcane battery.
Arcane Crush Cripple a creature that you are holding further.
Arcane Mark You place your mark upon a subject.
Arcane Runes Create up to three magical, invisible runes on one or more creatures within range to make them easier for you to detect and strike.
Arcane Smite
Arcane Strength Magically enhance your strength.
Arcane Tether Conjure a rope that brings two things together
Armor of Othrys The creature you touch glows with an aura that resembles moving spectral magma, creating a burning shield.
Armor of Prometheus A protective magical force surrounds you, manifesting as a spectral flame that covers you and your gear.
Armor of Shavarran
Armor of Thorns You touch a willing creature and cause thorny vines to grow over its body.
Armour of Jenova You summon a colourful aura of aberrant energy around you that harms creatures close to you.
Aspect of the Hunter call upon nature to help you hide from and seek your target
Attract Summons a Small or Tiny object that you can see to yourself.
Attract Object A simple trick most people learn as a starting point to magic. Attracting an object to your hand.
Augment Stars A spell that allows the caster to use the stars to create constellations. Can have a variety of effects, unlocking new ones with caster level.
Avert Force The spell magnifies and redirects the force behind an attack, potentially throwing the weapon out of control.
Avian Assault You summon a small bird and send it flying at a a creature.
Babu Slime
Bakudo 1 Bakudō # 1: Sai (塞, Restrain) is a Kidō spell.
Bakudo 30 Bakudō # 30: Shitotsu Sansen (嘴突三閃, Beak-Piercing Triple Beam is a Kidō spell.
Bakudo 4 Bakudō #4: Hainawa (這縄, Crawling Rope; "Slithering Rope") is a Kidō spell.
Bakudo 8 Bakudō #8. Seki (斥, Repulse; "Repulsion") is a Kidō spell.
Ball of Blackwater Launch a sphere of tainted water
Banshee Wail You shriek like a banshee after being struck.
Barbarian Knowledge You touch a willing creature, causing its head to swell and muscles to shrink.
Barrage You fire an arrow that multiplies into four more, falling from the sky.
Begone Thot By denouncing the thot-hood of an enemy one may strike them down with lightning.
Begone Thot, Variant In the wise and eternal words of Jesus, whose words are kept alive through the scriptures of the Thot Patrol, "If she breathes, she's a thot."
Bend Perspective You send your vision through shadows, altering your point of view
Bestial Bloodlust You awaken a target's primal bloodlust and beastly nature.
Bestial Empowerment You channel the bestial energies of nature within or around you to magically enhance your natural ability.
Bhahoozun's Hex Manipulate the air in the body of another creature
Bind Skeletal Familiar You bind a lost soul to a skull, creating a floating skull that serves you.
Black Snow You create a sphere of dark snow that is laced with acid in a 10-foot sphere centered on you.
Blade Blend You merge two smaller weapons into one large one.
Blade of Blood You shape your blood in the form of a weapon.
Blade Surge You manifest an ethereal aura that turns into an energy weapon to protect you from attackers, hurting them in the process.
Blast Cast Blast your enemies with elemental power, using the most generic of spells.
Blaze of Wrath Using all your might, you channel your energy into a single, powerful fiery punch.
Blessed Poultice As the bless spell
Blink Slash By channeling magic around you, and your blade, you teleport yourself to strike a distant target.
Blink Strike You teleport up to 10 feet, then make a lightning-infused unarmed strike.
Block Seed Prevents conception.
Blood Bolts You hurl bolts of enchanted blood darts from your fingertips at your targets.
Blood Lust You sacrifice some blood to increase the power of your weapon attacks.
Blood Moon's Blessing While illuminated by red light from an unknown source above your head, you add your Wisdom modifier to your damage.
Blood Tentacles Attack your friend and foes with the blood spilled over the battlefield
Bloodbridge, Variant
Bloodied Spittle You spit bloodied saliva on a target's eyes.
Bloodletting You imbue a weapon with the power of create wounds that bleed profusely.
Bloodsurge A powerful healing spell that requires sacrifice of blood from the caster or ally.
Bloody Shell You create a coating of blood that surrounds a creature's skin, protecting them from damage.
Blue Breath Spew lightning from your mouth
Blue Shield Basically a ridable Tenser's Floating Disk.
Bodysnatch Turn a corpse into a disguise
Bone Read You attempt to perceive the past, using the bones of the deceased to get some insight into what its last moments of its life was.
Bottle of Bravery As the heroism spell
Bound Weapon, Variant You create a weapon of your choosing to bind to yourself.
Brand Don't touch my stuff!
Briars of Sanguar Cause briars of blood to erupt from a target, poking all around it.
Broken Ward
Bullet Channel the power of Gun Magic™!
Burning Orbs Summon and fling a barrage of flaming missiles.
Calder's Starry Sky You project a map of the stars into the air.
Call Bird Call one bird to aid you as a pet.
Carpet of Shadow You coat the ground in hard shadowstuff, making it difficult to traverse.
Cell Decomposition You cause a creature's cells to gradually deteriorate.
Chameleon You change yourself to blend into your environment.
Chaos Control In a green snap of light, you vanish for a moment,
Chaos Orb You hurl a 4-inch-diameter sphere of a random form of energy towards a target.
Charged Weapon You can charge your weapons with magical energy.
Chilling Smite Attack with a powerful hit that is chilling to the touch, possibly slowing targets.
Chromatic Missile You create two darts made of an energy type of your choice.
Chrono-deceleration Slows down time for target creatures, making them easier to deal with.
Ciao's Magic Missile You create two white bubbling streaks of magical force that inflict a debuff onto the targets.
Clear Thought You touch a creature to bestow it pristine thought.
Coin Bag When you have little coin and even littler time, sometimes the best option is to just fake it.
Coinify What are you supposed to do when you have all metal and no coins?
Color You permanently change the color of cloth, leather, or any other inanimate object.
Conjure Ammunition Conjure a handful of ammunition.
Conjure Creature The standard summoning spell.
Conjure Gemstone You can conjure a gemstone.
Conjure Marionettes You summon wooden, hovering, human-shaped constructs that appear in unoccupied spaces that you can see within range.
Conjure Spirit Wolf You summon the fey spirit of a wolf to aid you.
Conjure Water Make water appears.
Consecrate Weapon Imbue your melee weapon with holy might.
Construct Homunculus Few can find a good familiar that they can trust, and even fewer can find one's that are able to remain connected at all times.
Corazon's Tiny Glyph A smaller, more efficient Glyph of Warding.
Corrosive Flame You snap your fingers, invoking chaotic green flames to engulf your target.
Corrosive Hands Corrosive liquid sprays and damages targets and metal objects.
Countertrip No more pesky cantrips for you...
Create Air Creates fresh air around target and up to 2 other creatures.
Create Building This spell creates a simple building that fits entirely within a 10-foot cube within range.
Create Magic Item You create a magical item instantaneously, which varies in power based on the spell level.
Create Pit Summon a pit on your enemies.
Crimson Enhancement You coat your weapon in blood, black runes coagulating on its surface.
Crystal Wave After you touch the ground, a thin sheet of crystal rapidly extends forth in a 15-foot cone, then ruptures, causing crystal shards to launch skyward.
Crystalline Jades The user creates Shimmering jades which float around them before being fired.
Culdir's Orb of Fire Create a ball of fire, which enhances other spells slung nearby.
Curse of Comus A curse that afflicts its victim with a monstrous animal's head.
Curse Water
Cyclone A spell that sends a cylinder of air around an area moving creatures about.
Darius's Selfless Shield
Dark You direct a blast of shadowy energy at a creature or object within range.
Dark Bead Black beads that seem to sap away the light
Dark Dive You grab hold of a creature you can touch and drain its life force until it breaks free.
Dark Orb Forms a ten foot diameter dark orb that deals necrotic damage to creatures whose space it occupies.
Dark Reach You call on the power of shadows to restrict another's movement.
Dartboard You throw a dart that multiplies into a barrage falling upon your enemies.
Death Blossom Die, die, die!
Death Coil A black coil of energy attempts to restrain and constrict a target.
Death Grip You seize the essence of a creature in range and pull it towards you.
Death Strike your attack does 1d6 additional necrotic damage and heals half of the total damage done
Death Touch You touch a creature and attempt to end its life instantly.
Deathly Servant Rather than using a soul to control an undead, this undead is weaker, but more easily controlled.
Deathwatch Using the foul sight granted by the powers of unlife, you can determine the condition of creatures near death within the spell's range.
Decaying Necrostrike Strike a creature with your weapon and infect them with an unholy decay.
Deceiving Bolt
Defensive Edge
Delayed Spell You use your action to focus and upscale your next evocation spell.
Deliberate Surge You pull magic from the weave and release it into the world, causing a surge.
Demon Skin You cover your skin with fiendish scales and grow a small set of horns.
Desecrate Weapon Imbue your weapon with unhallowed might.
Desecration Desecrate the land with this cantrip.
Desert Coffin Bury your enemies in a sand coffin.
Detect Arcane Residue Buffed detect magic. let you see spells conjured long ago and track magical items
Detect Fire Scan the area for traces of anything related to fire
Detect Outsider This spell allows its user to detect whether a creature or object is native to the plane they are in while casting it.
Detect Secrets You grant yourself magical perception that greatly enhances your ability to uncover hidden mysteries.
Detect Weapons For the duration, you sense the presence of manufactured weapons within 30 feet of you.
Diamond Storm A cone of diamonds shot into the air at your enemies to tear them apart.
Discern You detect some of a creature's vulnerabilities and immunities.
Dismiss Stranger You attempt to send one Stranger of CR 1 or less that you can see and is within range, back to The Dark.
Dissonance Field Twist time and space to cause difficult movement and make it difficult to cast spells.
Divine Armor When the divines themselves grant you their blessings, none shall ever harm those they protect.
Divine Empowerment A willing creature is imbued with the power of a god
Dongle's All-Purpose Mending A general purpose spell, invented by Dongle, that combines the effects of Cure Wounds and Mending, to a certain extent.
Double-Edge Dance, Variant You unleash a quick slash of fire which as you progress in strength, results in a series of fiery slashes.
Dragon Rend
Drain Smite Use your holy magic to damage your foes and heal yourself
Drain Warmth Take the warmth and lifeforce of a creature for yourself
Draining Fungus
Drizonym's Spectral Dagger Chuck spectral daggers really far.
Drop Bass Drop the bass. On their head.
Drop the Myc Create a patch of mycelium to hinder your foes.
Dusk and Dawn You create or destroy ambient light
Earth Barrier You call forth a pillar of earth to provide some much-needed cover.
Earth's Crush A spell for earth benders
Earthen Servant You summon a small creature made out of earth.
Eihwaz the Yew Rune Eihwaz is a earthly rune with domain over both healing and poison.
Eilistraee's Moonfire
Eldridge Blast This is what you get when you can't correctly spell the word "eldritch".
Eldritch Rebuke Arcane Energy Rebuke.
Elemental Ammunition You imbue a number of pieces of ammunition with elemental energy.
Elemental Armor You cover yourself with a layer of elemental energy that shields you from incoming attacks.
Elemental Arrows A random elemental arrow or a elemental arrow of your choice
Elemental Shield You create a magical barrier to protect you from elemental attacks
Elemental Strike Imbue Your weapon with magical energy of the element of your choice for a time.
Elonia's Glamour
Enchantment of Distortion you link your body to an object teleporting to it at will
Endure Elements Protection from normal environmental hazards.
Energy Beat You create a mote of radiant light that hovers above your head. It lasts for the duration.
Energy Drain, Variant
Energy Ray
Enhanced Durability A useful spell for temporarily increasing durability by increasing AC and granting temp HP.
Erase With a wave of your hand, you erase all writing from scrolls, sheets of parchment or paper, or similar objects that you touch.
Erratic Bolt A wild and unstable bolt of electricity arcs from your fingertips towards a creature of your choice in range.
Eruption Counter You prepare yourself for an oncoming strike, and counter it.
Essence Theft The caster absorbs the essence of a creature during its final moments of life.
Ether Recover a spell slot
Ethereal Forge You conjure a weapon into your hand.
Etzel’s Bolstering Bands An invisible brace made up of thin filaments of force appears against your skin, strengthening your bones.
Excarnate Corpse his spell removes the flesh, exposing the skeleton of a medium-sized corpse targeted by the caster.
Expand/Contract Expand and contract space around you.
Explosion Come, now, and walk the path of explosions with me!
False Blade Afraid your 9th level spell might actually kill someone? Well no more!
False Tracks For the duration of this spell, your footprints are those of a normal animal of your choice.
Fast Reading Read much faster.
Feather Glide You conjure a chicken to help stop your fall.
Fiendish Desecration You invoke the fury of your fiendish deity and smite all good creatures within the spell's radius.
Final Gambit Release a quick, and last, burst of power.
Find Animal Companion Allow you to conjure the help of a wild animal.
Find Memory Reach into the depths of your psyche
Finger of Chaos
Fire Dragon's Iron Fist Power your fist up for a punch with the strength of iron and the ferocity of fire.
Fire Shot Poor man's fireball.
Fire Spin Fire bursts from your hands as you rapidly spin in a circle, blasting enemies
Fire Whip You create a magical whip of fire that can be used as a melee weapon.
Fitzmyr's Sage Hands A modified version of the mage hand cantrip, by a kenku wizard. Effective for use of offence, utility, and defense, but not the best at any of them. An all-rounder for 1st level spells.
Flame Cloak Hurl yourself into a cloak made of fire that damages nearby creatures.
Flame of Life Reignite a creature's inner spark with literal fire.
Flame Tongue You gain the ability to speak with flame, which relate to you who or what has been within their light radius.
Flash Sweat You produce a burst of localized heat, drenching you in sweat.
Fling Self You fling yourself in a direction with considerable force.
Floor of Ice Freeze over a floor with slippery, spike-covered ice.
Flower Requiem A flower crown that damages the creature.
Flowing Undead Wrath You raise tortured souls from some forsaken source. All creatures within range fall victim to their wrath and woe, only surviving through sheer willpower.
Flurry You touch your weapon and unleash a torrent of attacks to a creature of your choice... or several creatures if you so choose.
Flurry of Strikes Deliver strikes with incredible speed
Flux Grenade You throw a magical lightning grenade.
Force Armor You touch a willing creature who isn't wearing armor, and a protective magical force surrounds it until the spell ends. The target's base AC becomes 13 + its Intelligence modifier. The spell ends if the target dons armor or if you dismiss the spell as an action.
Force Speed makes you super fast.
Forceful Strike, Variant You send a burst of arcane energy into a creature that you target.
Fortune Shift You attempt to manipulate the forces of luck for a brief moment.
Fortune Shift Variant You attempt to manipulate the forces of luck and chance for a brief instant.
Fox Fire The caster gains a burst of speed as three separate kitsunebi seek out enemies.
Freezing Burst Emit a blast of chilling energy that stops enemies in their tracks.
Freezing Clutch You curse an object with cold regrets.
Frost Breath You blow a critically cold cloud of frost at your enemies.
Frost Line you summon a line of frost freezing anything in its wake including blood, flesh and it can extinguish fire.
Frost Strike Infuses your weapon with the power of frost.
Frostburn Freeze someone with your hands
Ganon's Fist You concentrate destructive energy into a single, supernaturally-powerful punch.
Gift of Alacrity
Glacial Crash You conjure a large chunk of ice and launch it at a creature in range.
Goo You vomit sticky goo
Gorgath's Rock-Volver High Nooning with some cheap stones. David and Goliath these dudes.
Grasping Souls with a sacrifice of blood you pull hundreds of undead hands from the ground, grasping and dashing toward any life they feel.
Grum's Greater Fix 'em/Hurt 'em Caster chooses to either heal or damage a target, using their own lifeforce.
Grum's Spectral Melee Weapon You exchange an object in your hand for a spectral necrotic damage weapon from the Ethereal Plane.
Guided Strike A "Nope" button to the shield spell.
Hado 1 Hadō #1. Shō (衝, Thrust) is a Kidō spell.
Hado 4 Hadō #4. Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning) is a Kidō spell.
Hadō Sōren Sōkatsui Generating blue energy with his/her index and middle fingers, the practitioner makes a pushing motion with both of his/her palms to push the gathered energy toward the target in a concentrated blast.
Hallucinate You choose a creature you can see within range and make them see a sound or an image that lasts for the duration.
Hand of the Dead Creates a beam of necrotic energy.
Hand of the Undead You summon a hand out of the ground that is a spirit which can hold your enemy .
Heal Zone Rune Create a rune that heals in an area when broken.
Healing Dagger Creates a shining dagger which heals those that gets hit by it, instead of inflicting damage.
Healing Mist
Healing Wind You speak a word of power, and gentle wind envelops a number of creatures of your choice up to your spellcasting ability modifier that you can see within range.
Heart Jumpstart Revive or heal an ally from the brink of death using electricity
Heart Strike
Hellfire Bolt You make an infernal gesticulation, and a thin blast of hellfire roars towards a creature you can see within range.
Hold Beast The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be paralyzed for the duration.
Homing Shards You create 1d4 + 2 frozen shards of ice.
Homing Soulmass You create several glowing orbs poised to strike instantly.
Horrific Visage You choose a creature within range and reveal the horrors of the void to them.
Hot Dogs
Hush You touch a creature and imbue it with silence.
Hush, Variant Shroud a creature's voice in magical silence without compromising their spellcasting.
Hyetomancy Conjure localized rain around yourself.
Ice Bolt You create a gelid bolt of supercooled water and blast it at a creature you can see within range.
Ice Shock You exhale a blast of freezing mist at a creature in range.
Ice Spike A spike made of ice thrusts from the ground towards target creature.
Ice Ward You throw up your hands as you are attacked, and icy symbols protect you from harm and slow your assailants.
Ice Wave After you touch the ground, a thin sheet of ice rapidly extends forth in a 15-foot cone, then ruptures, causing spikes of ice to launch skyward.
Icicle Crash With a loud smashing sound, you shower the area in front of you with shattered ice.
Icy Weapon You freeze the air around you to create a weapon of pure ice.
Illusionary Box A paradise in a box!
Immolation, Variant You set yourself ablaze to torch surrounding foes.
Impart Knowledge A way to quickly and silently communicate complex ideas.
Imperial Bolt You shoot a pure beam of radiant energy that weakens your target's will.
Incendiary Grenade
Infinite Pockets You temporarily store up to 10 items in a small pocket dimension.
Inflate Ego
Inflict Positive Energy You infuse positive energy into a creature, with intent to harm.
Intimidating Presence You have advantage on intimidation and prevent targets from approaching you.
Inversion Invert a spell effect back to it's original caster!
Invisibility to Undead You touch a creature and they become invisible to undead.
Isaz the Ice Rune A Rune that when infused with magic can create several effects related to cold energy.
Kagerou Shoot a stream of fire to protect you from a ranged attack
Kaunan the Fire Rune A powerful sentient fire Rune which can create explosive traps, bless weapons and armor or curse enemies
Keen Weapon You command the Universe to make a weapon more effective at finding the weakness in defense, or less effective at hitting the target.
Kiss of the Petals You create a pretty cone of projectiles which can nonlethally disable your opponents.
Knight's Puissance Your word grants the target increased vigor, or saps their strength away.
Know Recipe You touch a piece of food or a potion and learn how to replicate it.
Know Thy Foe A spell that lets the caster peer into the defenses of their target.
Last Words Go out with a witty one-liner and a bang. Or just a bang, that works too.
Laughing Skull Reanimate Human Skulls to disturb your oponents
Lee's Fume Punch Channel forth your anger in the form of a pillar of flame from your fist.
Leomund's Shield A shield that defends the user from harsh elements and the small inconveniences of life.
Leonardo's Imploding Shell You momentarily protect a creature with a sphere of armor, only to for the sphere to implode and damage the creature on your next turn.
Leonardo's Splinter Shell You throw an a energy shell at a creature.
Lesser Animate Dead This spell creates a temporary undead servant.
Lesser Blood Orb You hurl a powerful orb of blood infused with necrotic energy against your enemies.
Lesser Confusion This spell assaults and twists a creature's mind, spawning delusions and provoking uncontrolled action.
Lesser Wish You offer up a prayer to invoke a cantrip of your choosing.
Life Fades You touch your opponent and the chill of the Plane of Shadows washes over them
Life Sap Drain health to transfer to allies
Light Blood Transfusion You transfer your blood to a wounded creature, healing it.
Light Drive An orb of radiant power forming a line 60 feet long and 5 feet wide blasts out from you in a direction you choose.
Log to Lumber Invoke magic to transform a log into an equal amount of lumber for 5 silver a pound
Lucky Star You summon a star of energy that explodes on an enemy, dealing incredibly random damage.
Maelstrom, Variant Trap your foes in wind.
Magic (Mobius)
Magic Boulder A thrown stone becomes a boulder mid-flight.
Magic Brand You mark a creature with a magical brand that deals fire damage.
Magic Burst Expends all spell slots of one level to create a huge explosion.
Magic Fang Whenever the target makes an attack or damage roll with an unarmed strike, the target can roll a d4 and add the result to its roll.
Magic Scimitar
Magic Strike Your fist is wreathed in magic that instantly draws it to your opponent.
Magical Deflect Weaken spells that hit you.
Magical Spell Tinkering A spell version of Artificer's magical tinkering, but for use with spells.
Magnesis You gain control of one object that is made mostly or entirely of metal in range that you can see, and does not exceed 10 feet in any dimension.
Magnet Orb You conjure an orb that pulls foes towards it.
Magnetism Magnetize up to 500 lbs of metal to manipulate.
Man's Best Fiend Fiendish/Undead familiar variant
Mana Shield Create a protective sphere of magical force.
Manipulate Metal Bend and shape metal into usable forms.
Manus Semoto A multitude of translucent limbs emerges to strike distant opponents.
Mark This is mine, and we both know it.
Master's Touch Makes a target proficient with a held or worn piece of equipment.
Medicinal Prayer Seeing an inured ally within your spells range you channel the magic power of your faith to heal their wounds at cost to yourself.
Memory Graft Graft a memory onto the mind of one target.
Mental Bindings The target believes that they are bound
Mesmerising Shade Shadows form around your opponent's head, dazing them
Metaphysical Smite
Might of Annam Call upon magic learned- or perhaps stolen- from the giants to deliver a devastating strike.
Mika's Existential Dread You create a lingering sense of psychological trauma in a creature.
Mind Spike, Variant You attempt to interrupt an attack by psionically piercing through the mind of the attacker.
Miniature Fabricate Fabricate! But much smaller.
Minor Distortion In the grand scheme of things, we make many choices. Where exactly we stand, how we move when we see a sword being swung at our head. Sometimes, you're standing in the perfect spot to mitigate a hit you take. Through the use of magic, one can instantly move themselves to said spot as if that were the choice they'd made.
Minor Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly itemize a container can help you divide loot, level the field on a negotiation or avoid searching a room for hours for something that isn't there. You'll still have to search for it though, this spell just makes you aware of the contents not it's exact location.
Miracle Moon Slice and dice your foes with crescent moons.
Mirror Variant
Misinterpreted Color Spray A wash of colorful mist inexplicably does ludicrous amounts of damage to foes.
Missile Lore Touch a spent missile to sense where it came from, both tactically from where shot, and the race and group of the shooter.
Mist of Inhibition A translucent magical fog settles around you, impeding motion.
Molten Blades Your weapons glow red hot, burning your enemies on contact.
Mordenkainen's Buzzing Bee Conjure a small phantasmal bee to annoy opponent spellcasters
Morgrave's Clear Mind You embed a psychic mote in a creature's mind and force it to broadcast its thoughts to those nearby.
Morifn’s Deathly Wind A torrent of wind, filled with a poisonous red mist and flying weapons composed of red liquid erupts from your outstretched hand in a direction you choose.
Muffle A spell that hushes a creature, making it more difficult to detect.
Nauseate One creature that you can see in range has an extremely distorted vision for one turn in addition to a horrible stomachache.
Necrostrike Fill your weapon with necrotic power, and disfigure your foes.
Negate Omnipotence Deny a God their Godlihood.
Net of Shadows You cast the spell, and the surrounding shadows shift at your command, flying toward your targets and wrapping themselves around them.
Nightwalk You are briefly shrouded by a silver and red mist, and teleport up to 30 feet away.
Nilin's Bolt You launch a bolt of energy towards a creature, temporarily remixing its memories, confusing it.
Notes of lesser death You go crazy on your musical item and lose control of your body.
Nurture Nurture a plant or animal
Obscure Illumination Obscures a light source so one may see in the dark without either giving one's position away or resorting to darkvision-like solutions. Unlike darkvision, one can distinguish colours (as permitted by the torch's quality of light)
Obscured Garden You make a sandstorm that hacks away health.
Orion's Bolts You point at a creature you can see within range, speaking an invocation to the celestial hunter. Clubs imbued with starlike radiance fly from somewhere behind you, burning and bludgeoning the target creature.
Paddle Star Fire an omnidirectional star that can then be redirected.
Pain Share Heal others by taking their pain
Palpitate Forces a creature's heart to stop and restart suddenly
Paradoxal Grotto You uses the power of earth to heal you when you're hurt.
Paralysis Blow You summon black flames on your weapon.
Patternweave Gives unique investigative insights into things that seem random.
Peltskin Until the spell ends, the target's skin has a wooly, fur-like appearance, and the target's AC can't be less than 14, regardless of what kind of armor it is wearing.
Penetrate Disguise
Permanency, 2nd Variant Cause a spell to persist within an item permanently.
Petal Glide Create a huge flower that can lift a willing creature into the air.
Phase Causes the caster to be able to move through some solid matter as if it was a liquid.
Phoenix Phantom You target one foe shooting a beam out of your hand causing the opponent to relive their biggest fear and causes them to be immobilized for their turn not being able to move their body in fear, only re living their biggest fear over and over again, taking 1d4 fire damage and 1d6 psychic damage.
Phoenix Wave You put your hand out in front of you or you focus this spell onto a weapon you move your hand or weapon in a sideways slashing motion causes a firey wave to apear from your weapon or hands then sendng the firey wave out 20 feet infront of you.
Pity of Acherus A creature you touch regains a number of hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. Alternatively, when you cast this spell you can make a melee spell attack roll against an undead creature within your reach.
Pixie's Gale Evoke the power of wind to fling creatures and objects away from yourself.
PK Fire (5e spell) Earthbound’s PK fire, A short ranged evocation with a supportive roll.
Placebo Grants temporary relief and protection from harm and ailments.
Planar Calling You summon creatures from other worlds to fight by your side.
Poison Blood The blood flowing trough the creature's body becomes poison.
Polarize After casting this spell, a creature in contact with you has their sense of time and gravity is distorted.
Post-Mortem Servitude Create a skeleton butler that cannot attack, but can carry out tasks.
Poultice of Healing The most basic form of healing
Poultice Of Health Healing potion
Power Within Bolster your strength with the power of flame.
Power Word Die You utter a word of power that makes you instantly drop dead.
Prismatic Barrier For a brief time, protect yourself and your allies from damage.
Promised Walk of Peace
Protective Barrier
Protector's Mark You are the sword and shield of your companions. This spell lets you use divine magic to reduce damage and protect your allies from peril.
Push Your enemy is blasted in the face with sheer kinetic force.
Quill Hide Long quills sprout from the target’s body, dealing damage on contact.
Radar Tracking You assemble a small radar device to track creatures in the nearby area.
Radiant Leap Channeling the Holy Power in your body you use it to propel yourself though the air.
Radiant Shield As a reaction, you create a radiant shield that protects you from harm.
Raise Flesh You raise an incomplete, amateur undead being.
Raise Undead Raise a random bloke from the dead and watch him mill about.
Rapid Acceleration During Flight, Instantly accelerate to twice your movement speed for one turn
Ray of Light You form a concentrated beam of light infused with holy energy to strike your enemies down with a flash of light.
Razor Storm You are the Storm. A flash of metal as you hold your weapon out between your hands and magical copies of it strike out against all around you.
Regrowth You infuse a creature with natural magic, increasing its ability to recover from wounds.
Remote Bomb
Reorientate Rotate a region of space, and all matter contained within, however you choose.
Repair Repair an object or restore hit points to a construct.
Repel Pushes any Large or smaller creature or object away from you to a certain distance.
Replenishment Gradually restores hit points.
Rerange Change your spells range with some limits.
Resistance, Variant The targeted creature can add 1d4 to a Saving Throw once before the spell ends.
Restore You repair a small item or restore a magical effect on an object, depending on its type.
Returning Weapon
Reverse Flow Control A spell used by Wave controllers to stop foes or objects in place.
Revert Time A creature you touch has its wounds revert back in time.
Rewind Want to go to that spot you were in 6 seconds ago? Go right ahead with this spell!
Ribbit A creature is compelled to only speak in croaks and ribbits, becoming unable to cast spells, but able to breathe both air and water.
Riddle (5e spell) You call upon an extraplanar entity, an alien intellect or devious fiend, becoming a conduit for its power as you speak out a complex riddle.
Rift Balance Chronomancers are tasked with keeping balance in the Astral Plane, whenever you remove something, something must take its place.
Rock Splash Chuck a big rock at somebody and hit them with shrapnel.
Rock Toss You lift up a small rock and throw it at a target within range.
Rock Wave You create a storm of razor-sharp stones that forms a line that is 30 feet long and 5 feet wide.
Root Walk Blink from tree to tree
Rune of Distraction You place a distracting, invisible rune on an object.
Rune Strike Add your charisma modifier to a melee weapon attack damage roll
Runic Lightning Spear The primary offensive spell for members of the Dragon Cult in the Lands Between.
Sakanagi Strike a target with the force of your being for pure damage.
Sand Shurikens Magic Missile, but sand!
Sanguine Song You hum a specific rhythm that gets yours and your allies blood pumping.
Sanguine Tide You cause the blood of the touched creature to flow to you, mending your wounds.
Scan Check for the presence of certain things.
Scorch Your palm expels flaming, radiant energy towards a creature within range.
Sculpt Corpse Change the appearance of a corpse in one of multiple ways.
Searing Orb You launch an unstable orb of flames toward a target, where it detonates.
See Through You touch a simple surface such as a door, a wall, or even a shield to see through it as if it was transparent.
Shadow Spray
Shale's Instant Compass Know where you are at all times!
Shell Kick
Shield of Darkness
Shield of Stasis You create an invisible barrier of stasis in front of a creature or object that intercepts spells, creatures, projectiles, etc. and traps them in time.
Shocking Blast Release a burst of electricity that fries your opponents.
Shoulder Touch
Silhouette Cause a creature to appear as a stark black silhouette of itself
Silhouette, Variant Cause a creature to appear as a translucent black silhouette of itself
Simple Moment Creates a simple picture
Skull Goblet Create a goblet out of a skull that will detect a poison drink and tell the creator about it.
Skysmite Summons a lightning bolt to deal Lightning and Radiant damage
Skyward Strike A weapon you're wielding is sheathed in heavenly light, which you can use to smite your foes.
Slight Polymorph
Smoke Bomb You throw a toxic smoke bomb.
Smoke Ladder You create a ladder out of smoke which only you can climb.
Solar Grenade
Sorrel's Leaping Missile Sorrel Glintwing wonders, how useful would this actually be?
Sorrel's Retributive Missile Sorrel Glintwing decided she was tired of people hitting her in melee combat and getting away with it. Now, they don't.
Sorrel's Selfless Missile Sorrel Glintwing's answer to the problem of sorcerers not being able to use healing spells.
Soul Arrow Fires a small magical arrow straight ahead.
Soul Blast shoots a soul ball
Soul Gem You capture a creature's soul in a gem.
Sound Bubble Create a membrane that blocks the transmission of sound
Speak with David Allows you to speak telepathically with David's past present or future.
Spear of Rot A ray of sickening greenish energy
Spell Blade You conjure a blade of force in your free hand.
Spin Attack
Spirit Excalibur Summon an obscenely long sword of energy.
Spirit Shotgun You focus energy into a fist before firing a wave of numerous small force blasts.
Splashing Spit You twist your body back then snap forward with a twist of the neck releasing a glob of enchanted spit that splashes out from its target.
Star's Saint's Hand Share a helping hand...Saint =)
Stasis Mine You choose a bit of space to arm with a stasis mine. When you activate it, it causes anyone inside it to be harmed and stopped in time.
Steel Shadows Shadows form around you then harden like steel, protecting you from harm
Step Into Darkness Shift through darkness with pretanutral speed.
Stone Bolt You fire a piece of stone at an enemy, much harder than normally possible.
Stone Spike You cause stone spikes to raise from the ground underneath up to three creatures of your choice on the ground within range.
Stone Tent
Strengthening You fill a creature with the determination to fight.
Stretchy Become elastic
Strokov's Flying Projectile
Stumbling Fool Render your foes into silly mooks.
Summon Corpse You summon a corpse, ready for necromancy.
Summon Garlic Bread Summon Garlic Bread
Summon Rain Cause a light rain with cloud cover and harmless thunder and lightning.
Summon Weapon Summon a weapon or object from a pocket dimension into your hand.
Suppress Pain
Surge You channel harmless electrical energies in a willing creature you touch, heightening its speed and senses.
Swarm Grenade, Variant You throw a grenade that explodes into magical caltrops.
Swarm of Pests You cause a cloud of mites, fleas, and other parasites to appear in a 15-foot-radius sphere centered on yourself.
Swift Strike You infuse a weapon with the ability to be swing slightly quicker.
Sword Split You split a sword into two smaller swords or fuse two smaller swords into one larger one.
Sword Trap Defensive spell that allows you to stop enemies from using weapons, like a different version of the shield spell.
Tablehopper Craft a line of decent cover in the midst of combat.
Take Up Arms Conjure a weapon to your hand in a moment of desperation and need.
Tale of a Million Nights A tale in the forbidden tongue
Thief's Feast An instant snack at your fingertips! (Use at own risk.)
Thornskin Wooden spikes and thorns grow on the target's body.
Thought Purge You attempt to halt a creature's train of thought.
Throwing Knife
Thunder Shock Last Resort An extremely powerful lighting spell last resort option.
Thunder Strike
Thundershock Unleash paralyzing shocks of electricity.
Time Stride You briefly pause the passage of time.
Touch of Unlife Invigorate the undead with health-restoring vigor.
Toxic Cloud You create a cloud of poisonous smoke that lasts for the duration.
Transcription Magically copy or translate a page of text and/or images onto another page.
Transfer Pain You attempt to syphon the life from a creature you touch.
Transmute Coins You transform coins into other coins!
Tree Conjure a tree. Move it a bit. That's it.
Tri-Element Deals lightning, fire, then cold damage to a target
True Glimpse See things as they truly are for a brief moment.
Truer Strikes
Turning Tables
Uncanny Outfitting Any armor or attire you are wearing is instantly doffed, and at your option any armor or attire stowed on your person is instantly donned in its place.
Universal Aptitude (5e Utterance) Give a bonus to either Intelligence or Wisdom
Unlimited Blade Works I am the bone of my sword.
Veitch's Marvellous Letter You conjure a letter with up to 150 words written in it. It flies to a target that you designate at a speed of 6 mph.
Vengeful Trinket Enchant a trinket that absorbs damage and releases it as magical force.
Venomous Ray A venomous ray or fang lashes out to infect the target creature, dealing 1d4 piercing damage and 3d4 poison damage on a hit.
Ventriloquism Make your voice appear to come from somewhere else.
Ventriloquist Force someone to speak the words you wish
Verge A spell that gains power with each consecutive casting.
Virulent Necrostrike You engulf your weapon in corrupted green flames.
Voice of Shadow Like command, but for shadowcasters
Void Bolt You fire a fazing, mass of void energy at one enemy.
Void Burst A small explosion of aetherial energy centered on a point within range strikes out at all creatures within a 10 foot radius of that point.
Volatile Vortex Spin a weapon wildly around the battlefield, damaging anyone who comes near.
Vortex Grenade You throw a grenade that spreads a dangerous void.
Waist-High Wave You conjure a rolling wave of elemental force.
Warp Flesh You warp flesh, causing horrid bloating and necrotizing, but causing wounds to close.
Water Jet A jet of steaming hot water launches forth from your wrist
Water of Life A creature you touch, which must be in a body of running water, regains a number of hit points equal to 1d12 + your spellcasting ability modifier.
Water Tendril The water you touch grows a prehensile limb-like tentacle from the point you touch, which obeys your spoken commands for the duration.
Water Whip
Weaponized Laughter
Weight of 1000 Years You close your eyes and focus on the Vortex of Time, condensing the memories of the past millennia into a single thought, then gesture above the target and snap your hand down as all these thoughts and memories are solidified and forced upon the target.
Weight of 1000 Years, Variant You solidify the memories of every surrounding creature, turning them into a force of harm.
Will Charge The user has learned to channel his will into his weapon for a short period of time.
Wind Blades Blades made of wind.
Wisplight Manifest a tiny supernatural light that has both offensive and utility capabilities.
Word of Nurturing You mend the damage the target has suffered or inflict true damage upon the target.
Word of Stumbling Disarm and make prone a target following a wisdom save.
Wrath You point your finger, and dark energy washes over a target you can see within range.
Wrathful Arrow You imbue a piece of your ammunition with pure wrath.
Wreath of Life You chant a mystic incantation, creating a magical garland on the head of an ally. If it is not destroyed, it restores their health.
Wrecking Squall Creates a protective sphere of air
Wyvern Watch You create a wyvern-shaped haze that guards an area against intrusion.
Xenae's Aquaforme Turns a target ground area into water.
Zap Bolt You fire a small, but concentrated electric current from your hand to zap a creature or object in range.
Zodiac Strike The raw power of the zodiac ring and its components placed into a small orb.
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