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Augment Stars
1st-level Transmutation
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 50 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: up to 10 minutes

Starwings: Form wings from the stars and gain a flying speed of 10 feet or give 5ft of flying speed to a target.

Barrier: Form a barrier stretching across a 50 ft square. It has a health of 15 and an AC of 12.

Starbeam: Charge up a beam made out of stars. With a bonus action you can add 1d4 damage to your starbeam up to a max of 6d4. You can release the starbeam with a range of 50ft at any time on your turn by expending a bonus action which dispels the beam. A creature hit by the beam must make a dexterity saving throw and takes half damage on a success.

Starshield: Can only be used if you are a 3rd level caster or higher. Charge up a shield made of stars. At any time, add 1d6 health to your starshield with a bonus action up to a max of 4d6. You can release the starshield by expending a bonus action and it covers a 15x10x10ft area in whichever dimensions you please. It has an AC of 10 + your spellcasting modifier. If hit by a critical hit attack, it dispels immediately.

Starstream: Can only be used if you are a 5th level caster or higher. Roll a number of d4s equal to your spellcasting modifier.. Assign each d4 to a creature with a range of 50ft. The projectiles can linger in the air for the duration of the spell without hitting their target. They can bend in any direction to bypass obstacles as long as they do not exit the range of 50ft.

Nebulous Soldier: Can only be used if you are a 7th level caster or higher. Summon a nebulous soldier. It uses the stats of a brown bear but with 10 less hit points and in the celestials category with a lawful neutral alignment. They will do whatever you ask them to do and will return to the sky once the duration ends. If not given instructions they will only attempt to defend their own life.

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