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Arcane Battery
1st-level Transmutation (ritual)
Casting time: 1 hour
Range: Touch
Components: A receptacle made of a specially prepared crystal, worth 15 gp.
Duration: Instantaneous

When you cast this spell, you infuse a specially prepared receptacle with pure arcane energy. The receptacle must be an object that can be closed, like a pot, a bottle, or a container of any kind. Once you fill the receptacle with the arcane energy, it remains infused, until you use the energy for something. You can attach the battery to various objects, in order to generate a plethora of effects, as described bellow.

The receptacle has AC 18 and 5 hit points. If its destroyed, the energy inside it becomes unstable and explosive, forcing all creatures within a 5-foot radius of the receptacle to make a Dexterity saving throw, or take 2d6 force damage. The receptacle also explodes 1 round after being opened.

Powering Objects You can use the battery to power a 10 pound object at 10 feet of movement speed. You command the object to move as a bonus action, while you are within at least 60 feet of it. You can make an object fly for half the movement speed. The battery depletes after 8 hours of constant movement. You can increase the size or the weight of the object moved by increasing the number of batteries attached to it.

Animating Objects You can use the battery to infuse an artificial mind into an object. With one battery, you can infuse one tiny object with life and sentience for 10 minutes. If the object infused has the shape of a tiny object, the animated object will have the same game statistics of that animal, being a construct instead of a beast.

Generating Energy You can use the battery to ignite flammable substances or to keep any creature holding it warm, granting advantage on any checks to support cold environments. In addition, you can use the battery to lit a lantern or a similar object. Each battery counts as 10 flasks of oil.

Arcane Blaster You can attach the battery to an arcane focus, in order to create a arcane blaster. The arcane blaster is a ranged simple weapon, with a short range of 30 feet and a long range of 90 feet, and deals 1d6 force damage. While attached to an arcane focus, it generate bright light up to a range of 10 feet and dim light for more 10 feet. You can make 10 attacks with it after depleting the battery completely.

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