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Unlimited Blade Works
1st-level Conjuration
Casting time: 1 action
Range: When completed its 1 mile
Components: V
Duration: 10 minutes when completed

This magic lets you create any melee weapon you have studied for one hour. This is treated as a bonus action, You may create 2 weapons but each takes a 1st level spell slot. Another thing about making weapons, they are weaker than the originals (if the original weapon does 1d8 damage then this copy is 1d6 and can be broken easily but they do keep their powers if any. To use the full power of this magic, you need to say each incantation and spend one spell slot equal to the level to use that one spell. They need to be in order, these sayings will take an action (except for the 2nd one). When cast at higher levels it has more effects.

Spell slot level Result
1st spell level: I am the bone of my sword-You shoot the weapons you've created making a ranged spell attack for them. When used in this manner the conjured weapons deal full damage.
2nd spell level: Steel is my body and fire is my blood- You create a magical shield, to piece it the attackers need to pass your AC and if they do they need to do it again to actually hit you (meaning the enemy needs to beat your ac twice). This saying is the only one that can be used as a reaction.
3rd spell level: I have created over a thousand blades- You summon 4 weapons and fired them at your desired target, and all of them are treated as different attacks (meaning each one needs its own roll however the weapons you summon do whatever damage would do).
4th spell level: Unknown to Death,- You may heal yourself or an ally 3d8 plus your spellcasting modifier.
5th spell level: Nor known to Life.- Gain or give 3d10 temporary hit points (nothing more added)
6th spell level: Have withstood pain to create many weapons- You can reinforce one or two weapons that you have created. This make them have their original damage when used as a weapon rather then just when being shot.
7th spell level: Yet, those hands will never hold anything- 3 enemies you see make a Dexterity save or drop the weapon they are currently holding.
8th spell level: So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works.- You take all living things in a 1-mile radius of you into a pocket dimension. You can use all of the previous abilities here without paying any spell slots and you can use them all as a bonus action, you decide how it looks like there. This is will go away when the time is up or you choose to end it.
9th spell level: You say all the sayings and go straight to the unlimited blade works but you spend your whole turn, the duration of it is halved, and same to the radius.

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