Illusionary Box (5e Spell)

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Illusionary Box
1st-level Illusion (ritual)
Casting time: Instantaneous
Range: Self (5 foot cube)
Duration: until dispelled

You summon a floor to ceiling wooden box that is translucent and 5ft wide with a door. Upon entering the box you can decide how the inside looks, sounds, smells and feels.

The size of the illusion can be a maximum of 200ft. and a minimum 40ft.

The Illusion could be an elegant mansion, a beach, an enchanted forest... Go crazy! This spell gives no protection from attacks and you are visible to enemies from the outside.

Enemies can enter the box at any given time, or end the spell by dealing any amount of damage to you or the box. Illusionary box is simply a way to rest in a place of your choosing without actually having to be there.

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