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Arcane Mark
1st-level Divination (ritual)
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: Until dispelled

Choose one creature or object. You establish a permanent link with the subject in your mind, and leave your sigil or mark upon it. At your option, the mark may be invisible, but any creature that can cast spells can always see the mark. Note that an unwilling creature cannot have this mark placed upon it.

You can at any time spend an action to determine the direction and general distance of the subject, as well its physical condition. More information can be learned, depending upon the nature of the subject. If the subject is a coin, you know whose possession it's in. If a door, you know the last person to have touched it. If a living creature, you learn its current mental state (angry, frightened, happy, asleep, etc). More information may be available at the DM's discretion.

You can mark a maximum number of subjects equal to 3 + your spellcaster ability modifier. You can as an action dismiss any mark you have placed regardless of distance.

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