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Cantrips Summary
Accelerate/Decelerate Your mastery of time manipulation allows you to make some changes to the speed of objects, or even people.
Acid Balm Deal acid damage while grappling.
Acidic Blast Shoots beams of acidic energy at enemies.
Acidic Bolt You shoot a solid bolt of acid at a target, dealing piercing and possibly acid damage too.
Aerostrike You enhance your next attack with condensed air.
Aging Bolt Ages a target
Air Cushion Creates a blast of air to negate fall damage
Air Slash You form a blade of air and launch it at incredible speeds at a creature or object within range.
Alchemical Bomb Throw alchemical bombs of elemental magic at your enemies.-->
Almighty Strike You clap your hands and create an almighty aura that sends a blast wave out in a 30-foot sphere centered on you.
Amanuensis You point at the writing and then move your hand as though holding a stylus or quill. As you intone the spell, the script appears on a sheet of paper close at hand.
Angel's Arrow An arrow from the gods is given to you.
Aqua Push
Arc A ranged lightning attack which can jump between foes.
Arcana Rune A runebolt channeling simple but powerful magic to deal damage, and one that can weave together with other Rune spells for increased damage. The Rune Spells are Earth Rune, Smite Rune, Chill Rune, Arcana Rune and Storm Rune
Arcane Attraction A cantrip to pull folks closer.
Arcane Blast Releases a force blast in a cone in front of you, deals damage and knocks enemies back
Arcane Bolt You fire a bolt of magical energy that seeks its target before exploding.
Arcane Deflection With a wave of your hand, you create a barrier of arcane energy to deflect attacks.
Arcane Grenade A small, ranged magical explosion
Arcane Sneak Attack Charge a weapon with mischievous energy to make Sneak Attacks more deadly.
Arcane Strike For those mages that wade into the fray.
Arrow of Dusk A bolt of shadow springs from your hand and toward a creature within range, draining vitality where it strikes.
Astral Barrier Reinforce yourself with starstuff to blunt an incoming attack.
Astral Sacrifice A dangerous gamble. Would you trade your own HP for more spell slots?
Aural Scan Call upon the powers of echolocation to scan your surroundings.
Awful Joke You tell an awful, horrible joke that's so bad it causes pain.
Bannana Slip Slipping time.
Bardcraft A spell to aid bards on the road and on the stage alike
Black Candle You create or destroy ambient shadows.
Blade of Grass You imbue one or two blades of grass with nature's power.
Blast You create a blast of pure destructive force.
Blast Cantrip Blast your enemies with elemental power, using the most generic of cantrips
Blazer You cover your sword in volatile flames that propell you into the air to strike an airborne opponent or drag one off the ground, but its flames strike back at you if you miss.
Blazing Slash You extend your hand as a slash of scorching heat burns the creature in front of you.
Blink, Variant Teleport yourself
Blood Bind Bind your own life force to that of another creature in order to inflict the same damage you deal upon yourself to them.
Blood Blade You create a blade out of your own blood to use as a weapon.
Blood Transfer A blood red aura surrounds your hand as a short tether of crackling red energy flows from you to your target.
Bloodbridge The caster creates a bridge of blood between 2 creature, taking the blood of one and giving it to the other.
Blue Death A simple illusionist's spell for tricking enemies.
Bolt of Time A beam of energy with an indigo hue streaks towards a creature within range.
Bolt Strike You enhance your next attack with electric energy.
Bomb Magically create a small non-magical explosion.
Boreal Strike Your weapon emanates a misty cold aura of subtle and scintillating colors, freezing all in its path.
Bounding Flame You create a magical flame that travels along the ground and autonomously seeks out targets.
Brutal Blade Just hit extra hard with your weapon
Bubble Spray A veil of mist surrounds your opponent making it harder for them to see
Cantillate Your voice become sweet and angelical, enhanced by magic.
Cataclysm You summon a small amount of pure destruction into your hand and can apply it to something of your choosing.
Caul of Shadow You conjure an aura of darkness to protect yourself or a creature within range.
Cause Unease You awaken a potent sense of trepidation in a creature you can see within range.
Chaotic Rocket A missile trailing a ribbon of multicolored light is lobbed from the caster, producing random sounds (a whistle, ducks quacking, a long burp, etc) as it streaks for its target.
Charged Blade You infuse a melee weapon with arcane energy, guiding your strikes with it.
Chill Rune A runebolt channeling simple but powerful magic to deal damage, and one that can weave together with other Rune spells for increased damage. The Rune Spells are Earth Rune, Smite Rune, Chill Rune, Arcana Rune and Storm Rune
Chilling Wind
Chord You pluck at the strings which hold the fabric of time causing ripples to form in space and resonate forward.
Claws of the Dragon Using your sorcerous bloodline you can grow a set of menacing claws with which to damage your foes.
Cleanse Wound A cantrip that provides healing? What is this madness?
Clockwork Winding Throw some mechanical gear to deal slashing damage.
Clothes Beam Cast a beam of whirling cloth to cause a creature to be clothed.
Coagulate You cut yourself to form a magical mote to assault a creature in range that you can see.
Coldslinger Spin up a bowling ball of ice before slinging it right at a target.
Color You permanently change the color of cloth, leather, or any other inanimate object.
Combat Nab The caster can run up to a target and grab some small thing from them that is not well attached.
Combustion Your body is briefly enveloped in flame, burning the creature that damaged you.
Conduct You channel lightning through your hand to smite a creature or object you can touch.
Conjure Blade As a bonus action, you create a bladed weapon in your hand that can be used normally
Conjure Elemental Weapon Summon forth an elemental weapon from any common stick.
Conjure Object Create a small object in your hand.
Conjure Rotting Tomatoes As you wave your hand, you conjure rotting tomatoes.
Conjure Stones Make rocks appear in your hand.
Consecrate Strike Imbue your weapon with radiant energy as you strike.
Control Electricity You take a portion of static charge and manipulate it in one of the following ways...
Control Elements You can control fire, wind, water, life, and earth.
Coral Blast You hurl a sharp chunk of neurotoxin-laced coral.
Corroding Strike You enhance your next attack with Acidic energy.
Crabbo's Grasp
Create Healing Spaghetti You invoke the name of your god and summon a bowl of hot spaghetti that heals the person who eats it.
Cure Minor Wounds You touch another creature, giving them a moment of respite.
Curse Bestow a minor curse on a creature.
Dark Exchange You touch an injured, willing creature, concentrate on the wound as the sinew magically stitches close wounds, graft overs burns and otherwise closes and protects the injured creature.
Dark Shovel
Daunting Volt Blade Your weapon is charged with electric energy, released upon impact.
Death Blade You enchant a blade you wield with a slain soul.
Death Bolt You hurl a dark ball at a creature or object within range.
Death Sight You touch a creature and give it an insight into its imminent death.
Death's Garrote You infuse your garrote with the power of death.
Deepen Shadows Remove the light from a 10 foot cube and cause the area to become darker.
Delay Upon an ally dropping to 0 hit points within 60 feet, you can freeze them in time.
Descent Cause a creature to be pulled back down to the ground.
Desecrate Strike Imbue your weapon with necrotic energy as you strike.
Destroy Wall Destroy a wall with a corrosive slime
Detect Aura For the duration, you can visibly see the strength of any creature you can see within 60 feet of you. It is seen in the form of auras and the larger the aura the stronger the creature.
Devilish Charm You seduce any creature you can see.
Disarming Cry
Discord Bolt A bolt that pulses with a chaotic nature
Disjunction You channel a sliver of magical energy into your target’s spell as it forms, attempting to destabilize the casting.
Divine Empowerment A willing creature is imbued with the power of a god
Divine Strike You enhance your next attack with radiant energy.
Dongle's Frozen Fire Bolt A frozen version of the Fire Bolt cantrip, invented by the Gnome Bard Sorcerer Dongle.
Double-Edge Dance You unleash a quick slash of fire which as you progress in strength, results in a series of fiery slashes.
Downy This spell creates a small coating of fluff, softening and warming materials.
Drop the Bass
Earth Rune A runebolt channeling simple but powerful magic to deal damage, and one that can weave together with other Rune spells for increased damage. The Rune Spells are Earth Rune, Smite Rune, Chill Rune, Arcana Rune and Storm Rune
Earth Spike
Earthen Bullet A ranged spell attack hurls a clod of hardened dirt and stone towards a creature or object.
Earthen Onslaught, Dagger
Earthen Onslaught, Handaxe
Earthen Onslaught, Mace
Earthen Onslaught, Quarterstaff
Earthen Servant You summon a small creature made out of earth.
Ebb And Flow, Dagger
Ebb And Flow, Handaxe
Ebb And Flow, Quarterstaff
Ebb And Flow. Mace
Eldritch Burst You launch an invisible blast towards a target.
Eldritch Legerdemain
Eldritch Strike, Variant A magically enhanced strike
Elemental Aegis You protect a creature with a subtle magic ward.
Elemental Arrow You throw an arrow made of elemental energy on your target.
Elemental Beckoning Conjure elemental wrath of your choice from the neighboring planes.
Elemental Blast You form a ball of energy that gathers elemental energy around it and then sends that elemental blast at a creature or object.
Elemental Blow you cast a 10 foot cone of elemental damage against creatures
Elemental Edge Alter the elemental properties of an equipped weapon, changing its damage type
Ember Blast A barrage of flame that spreads out over distance but is deadly at close range
Ember Strike You infuse your next weapon with the embers of a fire.
Emit Spores You cover the area around you in a fine toxic cloud of fungal spores.
Enemy Insight
Enhancement A simple Cantrip to enhance Metal Weapons
Enternal Memory This ability lets a person regress into their own mind and look in their past. The Effect of this Cantrip is a person can store one roll they make for a later purpose in time by channeling this Cantrip. At max capacity, this Cantrip will only let you hold two rolls for future use, No matter the level of the character.This can only be used twice per day.
Entropy You create a point of entropy in your hand to cause destruction.
Erasure You can paint over the body of your target, erasing parts of it.
Exit Beam Magic your way out of a dungeon by having a spell do the thinking for you.
Farron Dart You hurl a tiny projection of bluish-white energy at a creature or object within range.
Fast Ball Throw a rock at unbelievable speed.
Faust's Card Flourish
Fiery Disengage A spell devised by those who wish to back out of the fray when an enemy comes too close: the ability to fling yourself backwards in an explosion of flame.
Final Stroke The fury of the tranquil, wielded only as a last resort.
Fingers of the Necromancer Rays of necrotic energy shoot from your fingers, withering anything you shoot.
Fire Splash You hurl an exploding bolt of fire at a point within range.
Firebrand You throw a small shining ball of fire at a creature within range that brands it with your mark.
Fitzgeralts' Inverse Mender Close range, high damage. Cut things.
Fizban's Fabulous Fashion
Flame Edged Bolts A minor enchantment commonly used by archers who have dabbled in magecraft to allow their bolts or arrows to strike with the fervor of fire.
Flame Ring You make a weapon attack that rings the target in flames.
Flame Shot
Flare Blade There is a burning sensation near the hilt of your sword as you prepare to cast this spell. It grows as you hold and channel the spell up your blade until it is almost unbearable, releasing a destructive explosion of fire that decimates opponents but burns you in the process.
Flare Blitz The caster coat itself in flames, then flies forward spinning like a torpedo.
Flare Counter Your sword is wreathed in fire as you prepare yourself in a parry stance. If an attack connects while you are in this stance, the results are devastating.
Flare Shot Shoot an explosive projectile that dazes and burns the two targets.
Flash Powder A burst of powder that explodes, confusing and harming a creature within range.
Flavor Blast
Fleeting Distraction You briefly distract a creature within range using your words and gestures.
Floating Figment You suspend all held items in the air, as if the items are unaffected by gravity.
Focus Flame
Force You extend your hand and emit a wave of imperceptible force
Force Cannon fires a swirling ball of air
Force Whip Create a magical whip you can wield as a weapon.
Forceful Breeze You bend the very winds around you to propel a target.
Forceful Flash A ball of magical energy hurtles toward a creature in range and blinds them with a flash of bright light.
Forceful Hand You surround one or more of your hands with gloves of transparent force until the start of your next turn, granting several benefits until then.
Forceful Strike Magical energy coats your melee weapon and gives it more forceful attacks.
Fortify a cantrip that is meant to improve the survivability of your companions
Friends, Variant
Frost Bolt You hurl a ball of magical frost
Froststrike You enhance your next attack with frost energy.
Furious Charge You create a shield of force on your shoulder and ram it into your foes.
Gaiastrike You enhance your next attack with the earth.
Gaze of War
Ghostly Hands You touch a willing creature and cover its hands with ghostly energy.
Glare Directs a beam of radiant light
Glyph Trap You cast a glowing pool of magic upon the ground by drawing a glyph with paint, or something that can mark a surface, that damages and hinders anyone who wanders through or is pushed into it.
Grain of Sand Make grains of sand appear to be grains of wheat.
Gravity Force This is a spelled used for a homebrewed class. It is the very manipulation of gravity for utility / combat purposes
Grum's Fix 'em/Hurt 'em Caster chooses to either heal or damage a target, using their own lifeforce.
Grum's Flaming Pile of Poo Toss a flaming pile of poo at your enemies, that continues to burn for 1 more round, and makes them smell bad.
Grum's Pop A crude spell used to pop open(or force closed) a simple lock, which damages the lock in the process
Gurgle Spit a ball of animated poison.
Halt A moderate magical force ceases or slows time at a specific point within range, creating one various effects.
Haptic Counter You focus on the energy kept within you and release it in a defensive manner.
Hardened Stone
Hateful Lance Strike your foes down with a bolt of raw, unadulterated fury.
Haunting Whispers You begin whispering haunting words which instills pain in those who hear them.
Healing Touch Using your well practiced knowledge of how to add great amounts of entropy to enemies, you are able to logically reverse the most minor injuries by magic, with slight risk.
Heat Beam You concentrate your firepower into a single beam and shoot toward an enemy within range.
Heated Hands This Cantrip allows the user to melt up to 6 in. sheets of ice by simply placing there hand on the desired melting spot.
Hershey Squirt You cause the target to lose control of their bowels.
Hoarfrost Blade Your weapon is coated in fractalline frost as you attack.
Hold on The Gullible For a short time, you take control over another, weak minded creature.
Holy Blade You conjure a blade of light and impale a creature or object within range with it.
Homing Needles You create and launch a barrage of flying, magical needles at a creature of your choice that you can see within range.
Hydro Barrier Throw water in front of yourself to blunt an incoming attack.
Ice Blade You pull moisture from thin air, forming it into a sword of solid ice.
Ice Shards You evoke shards of ice to rain into an area.
Ignite, Variant You extend your hand and a volcanic explosion sears your foe, taking more damage if they took fire damage previously.
Ignitions You extend your hand and a volcanic ignition sears your foe, making them more vulnerable to fire.
Inferno, Handaxe
Inferno, Mace
Inferno, Quarterstaff
Inflict Minor Wounds
Inquisitor's Strike As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature within the spell's range, otherwise the spell fails.
Inspire Survival Instinct Gives death saves to a creature without death saves
Instil Pain Cause a creature frightened of you to suffer further
Iridescent Ray You evoke rays of light that scorch enemies.
Item box Create a lesser version of a bag of holding
Ivote's Delivery Service Cause items to move on their own, functioning at long distances.
Jolt Cadaver You compel a dead or undead creature into a sudden, jerking motion.
Kinetic Garrote You create and attack with a garrote made out of force.
Kinetic Throw You manipulate the power of force to toss your target.
Knee-Jerk You cause a muscle spasm, reducing dexterity.
Know Direction You instantly know the direction of north from your current position.
Know Thy Foe See brief glimpses into the future.
Label Place a small permanent magical label on an item. The label can be seen by any spell caster or magical creature.
Lambent Lance Hurl a spear of light to illuminate and harm foes.
Launch Bolt A crossbow bolt you touch flies towards a target.
Leaf Barrage
Lengthen Gladius Elongates a Roman Shortsword into a Javelin.
Leonardo's Magic Card You throw a card imbued with energy that explodes shortly after.
Lesser Smite A very weak smite.
León's Small Wind Creates a small sphere of wind to target an opponent
Life Flare
Lightning Field A cylindrical aura of electricity sweeps around you for a moment, jolting adjacent foes.
Lightning Lasers
Lightning Orb You summon a ball of electric energy to strike a creature within range.
Lightning Tendrils Summon Tendrils of Electricity to shock multiple opponents.
Lightning Whip You create a lash of lightning energy that strikes at one creature of your choice that you can see within range.
Liquid Night You put your hand into the shadows, and draw forth a quantity of liquid ink
LSD Splash A minor splash of psychedelics.
Luis Gustavo's Aura of Blades Aura of blades, a defensive cantrip that will teach foes to keep their distance
Lullaby You cause a creature to become drowsy with a simple song.
Luminescent Blessing You bless your weapon with the power of your Deity.
Mage Fist For those mages that wish to brawl.
Mage Strike Use magic to pull your weapon towards your target for you.
Magi Mine You infuse a 5-foot square with volatile magical energy, causing it to explode if touched.
Magic Card Turn ordinary playing cards into deadly weapons.
Magic Dart A single magical dart akin to those created by magic missile.
Magical Blade A basic enchantment to enhance a blade's sharpness with magic.
Magnetize Magnetize the metal in front of you and send it flying in a direction.
Manic Manacles You cause heavy black chains to encircle a creature you can see within range.
Manipulate Snow and Ice You manipulate a portion of snow or ice that you can see within range.
Marsh's Dodgeball Throw a ball (or fruit) of force at others to harmlessly push them around.
Massage With a magic touch, you relieve the stress of others.
Megaton Punch Super Punch!
Minor Animate You animate a number of tiny creatures to serve basic purposes
Minor Distortion In the grand scheme of things, we make many choices. Where exactly we stand, how we move when we see a sword being swung at our head. Sometimes, you're standing in the perfect spot to mitigate a hit you take. Through the use of magic, one can instantly move themselves to said spot as if that were the choice they'd made.
Minor Inconvenience You create a minor inconvenience against one creature you can see.
Minor Stasis A light object or creature is stopped in time until touched.
Minor Step A quick, short range teleport.
Minor Summoning Summon a small fey spirits to your aid
Minor Telekinesis You temporarily gain the ability to move small objects or creatures with your mind.
Minor Telekinetic Field A minor telekinetic field centered on the caster that allows the manipulation of entities up to a certain combined weight within its range.
Minor Ward
Momentary Relapse A cantrip that deals temporary damage.
Moonbeam Bolt
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Magical Mauling You channel pure magical energy into your hands to causing them to glow brightly become extremely sharp.
Moth Swarm You propel a swarm of Moths from your hands
Mystic Reflections You see the reflections and shadows of magic in the area
Nahal's Reckless Dweomer
Nature's Ward You imbue a creature with protection against natural forces.
Necro Blast A beam of necrotic energy streaks toward a creature within range.
Necrotic Glare Creates a beam of necrotic energy.
Necrotic Overlay You imbue your weapon with necrotic power.
Necrotic Overlay, Variant You imbue your weapon with necrotic power.
Necrotic Sickles You conjure necrotic energy from the lower plains of existence to give your weapon an aura to increase your attack power
Nightly Terrors Conjure a pair of formless, black entities next to you from the realm of nightmares that only you and your chosen target can see.
Non-Destructive Scan Detects all visible creatures behind an obstacle.
Observer Ward You create an Observer Ward that provides vision.
Obvious Banana You conjure a used banana peel to knock prone a bipedal creature.
One Inch Punch You deliver a ki-infused close quarter unarmed strike
Orb of Light A sparkling ball of light fires from your hand strikes a single target. This attack deals double damage to undead, fiends, and any creature sensitive to light.
Origamist Create magical origami.
Otherworldly Tendrils You conjure otherworldly tendrils to attack a target within range.
Paradox Rift Cause a rift to open up and damage a creature next to you.
Phantasmal Notebook Summon a phantom notebook and writing quill
Pillar You cause a pillar to erupt from a surface, slamming into an enemy or blocking a path.
Pillar of Sand You cause a small pillar of sand to erupt from a point on the ground that you can see.
Pixie Storm You point at a creature within range, and they are assailed with a magical storm of glitter.
Plague Blast
Plasma Bolt You fire a bolt of hyper charged matter that simultaneously burns and electrocutes your enemy.
Poe Reprise
Poison Bolt You hurl a bolt of toxic energy from your fingertips.
Poisoned Blade You coat your weapon with a deadly poison created by magic.
Power Beam You project a beam of force from your melee weapon to attack from a distance.
Power Word Meow Makes an opponent meow
Powerful Strike (5e Cantrip) Control your foes with the power of force.
Precipice Blade
Precise Strike Another take on true strike, using the model of spell design of the "blade cantrips".
Pseudopod Strike An ooze-themed melee cantrip
Psionbolt You release a bolt of psionic energy and fire it at the target.
Psionic Blast
Psionic Hand An invisible, floating hand appears at a point you choose within range...
Psionic Kunai You launch a blade that slices the mind.
Psionic Strike You enhance your next attack with force energy.
Psychic Attack You attack the mind of a creature within range.
Punishing Pitchfork With a flourish, you strike your weapon downward into a portal that forces a necrotic pitchfork to hit an opponent in range.
Push Your enemy is blasted in the face with sheer kinetic force.
Pyrokinesis Manifest your magical power by igniting a fire.
Quick Maths You try to save your failure of an attack by pulling out some speedy numbers.
Quickbolt Creates a silver liquid-like bolt that travels silently and strikes a target.
Quicken Enhances the speed of a creature.
Radiant Blade You make a weapon attack that rings the target in radiant flames.
Radiant Flare A flare of radiant light burns your enemies.
Radiant Lance You launch a lance-shaped beam of light at a creature within range.
Radiant Song You touch a creature and cause an eerie song to play, warding away danger.
Radiant Strike Imbue your weapon with radiant energy, striking your foes with the power of one's will or faith.
Radiant Strike, Variant Imbue your weapon with radiant energy, striking your foes with the power of one's will or faith.
Rain Blast Hard wind and driving rain descends on a creature that you can see within range.
Raise Ally
Razor Tome
Reinforce Arms You make a weapon you touch magical and do more consistent damage for a period of time.
Remedy You can treat wounds and illnesses afflicting creatures.
Resonating Mind You cause the mind of a creature to resonate with psychic energy, affecting those around it.
Roll the Bones Control dice made of bone.
Rune Blast You draw a rune in the air and blast an object or creature in range with different types of damage.
Sacred Hunting Your divine energy lowers enemy accuracy.
Sacrifice Sanity You sacrifice your own sanity to instantaneously inflict psychic damage on a creature.
Salmon's Leap Your anger warms up the muscles in your arms and legs, enabling you to jump and flip mid-air up to 20 feet vertically or horizontally.
Sandcast You throw sand at an enemy.
Sawsall A saw that can cut through anything
Scathing Insult You unleash a string of insults laced with malicious hatred at a creature you can see within range.
Screw That One Guy Over There 3d10 to any being in the multiverse
Selo's Accelerando A percussive marching beat echoes across affected creatures, hasting their movements slightly for the duration of the performance.
Shadow Blast Create a blast of shadows to defeat you enemies and torment your friends.
Shadow Garrote With a subtle gesture you carve a slice of shadow from the air around you and cast it toward your foe. It wraps around the creature's neck and squeezes the life from it.
Shadow Hood Shadows manifest near your opponents head, distracting them
Shadow Mist You conjure an illusory swarm of inky black clouds.
Shadow Warp Become as a shadow, dashing through the darkness.
Shadowblade With a couple quick movements, you pull a sword made from solidified shadow from thin air that lasts for the duration.
Shadowcery Conjure an object or creature out of your shadow that stands up
Shadowstrike You enhance your next attack with necrotic energy.
Shady Visage You obscure the features of the willing creature that you touch.
Shape Light You shape light from a single source into a desired angle or form
Shartrund's Energy Blade The caster raises her hand, a sword of flame forms in her grip and she strikes the goblin that is hurtling up the path, igniting it. Screeching in pain, the goblin jumps back and frantically pats himself out as the wizard readies herself for another strike.
Shenanigan You launch an unpredictable and everchanging bolt of energy at a creature or object within range.
Shift Stone You can instantaneously mold the stone into any shape, and move it up to 30 feet along the ground.
Shining Force Blast A pulse of radiant energy which shines like a star blasts out from you in a line.
Shinsu Baang
Shiver You harness a piece of the void to teleport an object.
Shock of Flame A mote of white flame streaks towards a target within range.
Shocking Bolt You hurl a small bolt of lightning at a creature or object in range.
Shocking Reaction The creature that hit you takes 1d4 lightning damage.
Short Warp You jaunt through space a short distance.
Shrieking Skull
Silent Fart You make other creatures fart silently.
Slap A simple magically enhanced slap.
Slime Shield Create a block of acid slime in a place within range.
Slip Removes friction from a small area.
Smite Rune A runic bolt channelling simple but powerful magic to deal damage, and one that can weave together with other rune spells for increased damage.
Snowy Barrage A barrage of snowballs erupt from your hands, pushing enemies back
Soaking Hands Concentrate the healing power of water to speed up the recovery of the wounded.
Solar Blitz Radiant flames come from the tip of your weapon, striking all your foes in a flash of light.
Solar Bolt You launch a brilliant bolt of light to sear the eyes of your opponents.
Song of Courage You begin to play a song that fills your allies with courage.
Song of the Awakened Dead You begin to play a song that causes the dead to rise.
Sorrel's Minuscule Missile Sorrel Glintwing's micro magic missiles, now a dime a dozen!
Soul Claws Your soul shapes into a wicked claw that pierces the body of a creature you touch.
Soul Drain Your hands sap health from others to bolster yourself
Soul Transfer Granting a creature a lease of life, you eventually return to collect.
Spark Shower You bring down sparks of lightning in a small area centered to a point you choose within range.
Speak with David Allows you to speak telepathically with David's past present or future.
Spectral Scythe Create a blade of necrotic energy at the end of a staff.
Spectral Shield You invoke a minor protective force to grant yourself a +1 bonus to your AC.
Spectral Throw Throw a ghostly duplicate of your melee weapon.
Spellfire You conjure arcane fire in your hand that can can be used for light and combat.
Spellstrike You increase the accuracy of your attacks using your magic power.
Spiteful Gaze A counterattack cantrip
Splitting Chords A short-ranged musical attack
Starlight Bolt A bolt of brilliant light streaks toward a creature within range.
Static Armor You generate a shocking aura on a willing creature's armor that damages attackers.
Static Strike Imbue a weapon with arcing lightning as you strike.
Step Up You slightly hasten your own movement, or the movement of another creature within range.
Stone Shield You summon a shield made of stone.
Stonefists Your fists transmute to hard stone.
Stupify You rob a creature of rational thought.
Summon Bee Summon a bee!
Summon Cell You can imprison your enemies for an hour
Summon Food Summon ze consumptibles to your location for yourself and your compatriots.
Summon Instrument Conjure one handheld musical instrument.
Summon Rain Cause all the of built up water in the area and nearby areas to collect into cloud and fall as a light rain with dark cloud cover and harmless thunder.
Summon Spirit Drink up me hearties, yo ho!
Summon Steak Beckon a raw beef steak to come through the ether to your hand.
Summon Umbra Summon the aspect of Umbra onto your blade to channel its dark power
Sunder Generate minor destructive vibrations with a touch
Sustain You keep someone just teetering at the brink, or at least until they can be tended to.
Sword Split You split a sword into two smaller swords or fuse two smaller swords into one larger one.
Sylvanism Minor time manipulation.
Taunt Yell some insults at a will be soon enemy
Tear You cause the matter of a creature or object that you touch to split apart.
Temporal Blur You briefly glimpse the future, which allows you to narrowly evade an attack.
Temporal Rift Reduce the movement speed of a target
Temporal Surge You give up some of your time and grant it to an ally.
Tentacles Summon tentacles from the Far Realm to aid you.
Thaumophone Conjure a magical synthesizer to augment your performances.
The Dungeon Masters Key You summon a D20 the size of a fireball to hit your foes!
Thunder Shock
Thundering Whip Summon forth a thunderous whip to rattle and deafen foes.
Thunderous Strike A thunderous strike meant to push back the foes of the War wizards and bladesingers.
Time Clusters Throw three projectiles that harm over time.
Touch Wind You seize the air and compel it to create one of the following effects at a point you can see within range.
Touched by Love
Transmute Earth You change state of up to 5ft cube of Earth that you touch.
Tremorsense Sense the movement of creatures using the vibrations in the ground.
True Level Help a creature stay on their feet.
Twilight Blast A brilliant swirl of dark and light energy swirl towards your targets in a starry fashion.
Twitch You cause a creature to make a slight, involuntary motion.
Umbral Hand You clench your hand, and a shadowy hand mirrors your movements
Unbalance Emotions Manipulate the emotions of humanoids.
Uncanny Outfitting Any armor or attire you are wearing is instantly doffed, and at your option any armor or attire stowed on your person is instantly donned in its place.
Unhinged Willpower Transform your sheer willpower into a damaging force.
Unholy Flame Flame-like malevolence descends on a creature that you can see within range.
Uprooted Sacrifice You drain the life of a nearby creature, but yourself take damage. The spell is more effective in the darkness of the outdoors.
Valkyries Strike You send holy energy through your weapon, and empower an attack.
Venom Strike Your blade is coated in a crippling neurotoxin
Venomous Spit
Venomstrike You enhance your next attack with poison.
Vent Anger You vent your anger and pulse out hot air in a 15-foot sphere centered on yourself to cool yourself down.
Vicious Rant You lace your words with withering magic and aggressively rant at a creature or object in range.
Viktor's Soul Rend A flash of light sparks from your finger and strikes a creature, dealing necrotic damage that increases each time it is hit by this spell.
Vitality A creature you touch is imbued with a virtuous cause, strengthening their resolve.
Vitriolic Blast A simple, ranged acid attack.
Vortex Gaze The target is forced to look into your eyes and is shown an image of the Vortex itself
Warding Flare You throw up your hand to create a flash of light and distract a creature that is attacking you.
Water Blast
Water Bolt You hurl a bolt of water at a creature or object within range.
Water Whip, Variant Lash out at an opponent with a snake of water.
Weapon Shift A melee weapon you are wielding transforms into a nonmagical melee weapon for the duration.
Weave Shadows
Weld Weld metal together with just a touch
White-Flame Blade Enchant a weapon with a holy flame
Wind Blast Conjure an explosion of wind to harm enemies
Winds Of Chaos, Dagger
Winds Of Chaos, Handaxe
Winds Of Chaos, Mace
Winds Of Chaos, Quarterstaff
Wyrd Reconstruction You mend a creature's wounds with risk of further injury.
Ya Basic Shoots beams of acidic energy at enemies.
Zephyr-Burst Strike An empowering strike that bursts with slicing winds.
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