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Shape Light
Transmutation cantrip
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 120 feet
Components: S
Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

You shape the light originating from a light source that you can see or somehow acknowledge within range. The light can take any intricate form you desire, so long as it never leaves the spell's effective range. You can also, when you cast the spell or as an action while you maintain concentration, shape the light to target a creature's sight directly, and said creature must make a Constitution saving throw, becoming Blinded on a failure until you stop concentrating on the spell or they block off the light somehow (shields can reflect the light if positioned accordingly as a bonus action, however if they are kept in that position their AC bonus will not be effective). If the source only provides dim light, the saving throw is made with advantage. The DM may consider a source of dim light to be not bright enough to blind a person, and if so, it is not possible to blind someone shaping light from a dim light source. After keeping the light blinding a creature for 3 turns, you must use another action to maintain the effect, since it's hard to follow the creature's movements with the light. If you don't do so, the light will return to it's original shape until you spend another action to shape it accordingly. In all other cases, you can shape the light without using an action. If the light source is completely blocked off, this spell ends immediately. It is possible to shape Dancing Lights using this spell, however if they were cast by a different person and said person did not specify that the lights were to be shaped you must make a saving throw using your spellcasting ability against the spell save DC of the person who originally cast the Dancing Lights. Same rule also applies to lights conjured through the Light cantrip. It is not possible to shape any sort of damaging light, such as the Sunbeam spell. You can also convert a source's bright light into dim light as an action or when you cast the spell. The opposite is not possible, and it's not possible to cause a light source to completely stop emiting light.

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