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Transmutation cantrip
Casting time: 1 action or reaction
Range: Self
Components: S,M (a clock, worn anywhere on the body)
Duration: Until dismissed, or until user falls unconscious

"Everything, including your own blood, can be transformed into energy. In times of great need this can be used to gain some valuable seconds." Chronobleed immediately starts converting life force and blood into liquid time, fueling an excruciating time stop. Every move, every action drains life from the user, however, they can end the spell as they pleases. Unlike "Time Stop", this effect isn't cancelled when affecting someone outside of this ability. This ability can be activated when the user is hit by an attack, cancelling the attack if the user moves himself out of the attack's range. It can also be used with an Action.

Using an action costs 1d20+1d10+10% of the users max HP. (rounded up)

Using your ability to move costs d20+10% of the users max HP. (rounded up)

Using a bonus action costs 1d10+10% of the users max HP. (rounded up)

Interacting with an object or passing a turn costs d10+10% of the users max HP. (rounded up)

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