Luminescent Blessing (5e Spell)

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Luminescent Blessing
Transmutation cantrip
Casting time: 1 bonus action
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (a weapon, and a holy symbol)
Duration: 1 minute

You bless your weapon with the power of your deity, causing your weapon to be imbued with radiant magic. Your normal weapon damage is replaced with Radiant damage. When you bless your weapon you replace your attack roll with a spell attack roll. You may add your spellcasting ability modifier instead of Dex or Strength, to the attack and damage with that weapon. The damage type is converted to radiant. Bows and Crossbows for the duration do not need to use normal ammunition. Only one weapon may be blessed at a time.

The blessed weapon takes the form of a holy version of itself, based on your deity.

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