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Flare Counter
Evocation cantrip
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Self, Touch
Components: M (A Sword)
Duration: Instantaneous

You enter a parry stance for one turn as your sword is covered in fire, you cannot move from place and you parry any melee attack, but not if the attack is made with advantage. If an attacker targets you with a melee attack, you can instantly counter their attack, taking no damage from the attack and dealing weapon damage + 2d4 fire damage. Once you parry an attack, the spell ends. If this spell is cast multiple times in a row, it begins to damage the user. It deals damage equal to your spellcasting modifier if cast twice in a row, double if three times in a row, so on and so fourth.

Note: This spell is meant to be a reference to Roy's Down-B from Super Smash Brothers. I understand the power of a guaranteed counter against melee attackers which is why there is high ramp up recoil damage if cast in a row to punish potential spam of this spell. For example: a spell modifier of 5 deals 5 damage on the second consecutive cast, 10 on the third, 20 on the fourth, and so on.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell at a higher level it deals weapon damage + 3d4 at 5th level and deals Spellcasting modifier + 1d6 recoil damage if cast in a row, weapon damage + 4d4 at 11th level and spellcasting modifier + 2d6 recoil damage if cast in a row, and weapon damage + 5d4 damage at 17th level and spellcasting modifier + 3d6 if cast in a row.

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