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Transmute Earth
Transmutation cantrip
Casting time: 1 action
Range: touch
Components: S
Duration: Instantaneous

Upon touching the earth, up to a 5ft cube transmutes into another state. Ores and minerals are untransmutable so raw nuggets of ores in stone will remain pure when a 5ft cube is transmuted, the remaining stone (or other transmutable Earth) is still transmuted upon the spell being cast. Stone that has high impurities and low traces of ore get fully converted to the new state (this mean impurities of ore, example gold in quartz, is wasted and unobtainable). Stone formed from this spell will have no traces of ores as this spell is unable to create ore from stone (or gold from lead). This spell follows the rule "conservation of space", this means the final product's volume(size) is equivalent to the starting product's volume.

The transformation table below shows what earth groups (or products) can be transmuted into. It will take longer to transmute Stone into Glass than it would be Clay into Ceramic due to how many steps it would take in the transformation table below.

Transformation Table

0 (Ores/Metals)

Iron (Cold), Copper, Tin, Lead, Manganese
Gold, Adamantine, Mithril, Silver, Bronze

1 (Hard)Stone
Compact Dirt
Group 1 or 2
2 (Medium)Dirt
Groups 1,2,3
3 (Soft)Sand, Clay, MudGroups 2, 3
3.1 (Sand)SandGlass(impurities will change color and opacity)
3.2 (Clay)ClayCeramic (impurities may change quality)
4 (Smooth)Glass, CeramicGravel
4.1 (Ceramic)Terracotta, porcelain, earthenware, stonewareGravel

The spell has multiple uses for example:

- Help loosen earth in caves for mining

- Help make stone pillars for support

- Compact dirt to create roadways for travellers

- Creating Bricks, Pavers and roof tiles for houses

- Loosening earth for farm work

Character Levels:

- 1: Access to Group 1 and 2

- 5: Access to Group 3 (2× 5ft cubes)

-11: Access to Group 4 (3× 5ft cubes)

-17: Able to transform materials twice (4× 5ft cubes)

This spell has no affect against creatures who are made up of part(s) of the classified groups, example clay golems.

It is also to be noted that the spell Transmute Rock has the ability to also transmute mud to rock and rock to mud. This has a target of 512 times more volume and a greater range of 120ft instead of touch. This is reasonable as that's a level 5 spell whilst this is a cantrip. This spell is also meant to help define the types of earth for game mechanics.

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