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Flare Blade
Evocation cantrip
Casting time: 1 action, channelable
Range: Touch
Components: M (A Sword)
Duration: Up to 24 seconds

You begin channeling this spell as an action and continue to channel this spell every turn until a maximum of 24 seconds have passed or beforehand for reduced damage. You cannot move from place while channeling but you can turn, this spell fails if all eligible targets move out of range but you still suffer its negative effects if applicable. When attacking, make a melee spell attack that deals weapon damage + 1d8 fire. This damage die increases by 1 every one of your turns this spell is channeled and deals half the damage it deals rounded up back to its user as fire damage if it has been channeled for over two of your turns. For example, a sorcerer uses this cantrip and attacks immediately, dealing weapon damage + 1d8 but a sorcerer who channels this spell for 2 turns and then attacks deals weapon damage + 3d8 and hits for 18. The sorcerer then takes 9 damage. If this spell is cast at maximum charge, the spell violently explodes and deals damage to your target and all adjacent targets to it.

Damage Progression:

Turn 1, the turn it is cast: weapon damage + 1d8

Turn 2, does not do recoil damage yet: weapon damage + 2d8

Turn 3, does recoil damage: weapon damage + 3d8

Turn 4, cannot be channeled further, does recoil damage and area damage: weapon damage + 4d8

Note: A round is a total of 6 seconds and every one of your turns is what you can do in those 6 seconds. This spell has a maximum channel time of 4 of your turns or 24 seconds. This spell is meant to be a reference to Roy's neutral B from Super Smash Brothers. (Roy's our boy)

At Higher Levels. The damage of this cantrip increases by 1d8 at 5th level (weapon damage + 2d8, max 5d8), 11th level (weapon damage + 3d8, max 6d8), and 17th level (weapon damage +4d8, max 7d8)

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