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Category:Path of ShadowPath of ShadowOut of PrintTemplate:Path of Shadow BreadcrumbPath of The SwordJan 27 2003Path of the Sword2002Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide2 Sep 2014Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player's GuideAugust 2010Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Race Guide1 Jun 2012Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Conversion GuidePathfinder Roleplaying Game Core RulebookSeptember 2009Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GameMastery GuideJuly 2010Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate CampaignSeptember 2009Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Combat23 Aug 2011Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Equipment4 Sep 2012Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic7 Jun 2011Paths of Darkness Collector's Edition (omnibus)February 2004September 2005Paths of Darkness Gift SetSeptember 2004Peoples of the Fey RealmsJuly 26, 2016
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Category:PublisherTemplate:Publishers BreadcrumbPublishers of d20 and D&D ProductsQueen of the Demonweb Pits (novel)October 2001Queen of the Depths (novel)September 2005Queen of the Masquerade (novel)August 2008Queen of the Sea (novel)July 2007R.A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen Gift Set, Books 1-3September 2006R.A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen Gift Set, Books 4-6September 2006Races Gift SetOctober 2005Races of DestinyDecember 2004Races of EberronApril 2005Races of FaerûnMarch 2003Races of StoneAugust 2004Races of the DragonJanuary 2006Races of the WildFebruary 2005Raise the DeadRappan Athuk 1: The Dungeon of Graves: The Upper LevelsRappan Athuk 2: The Dungeon of Graves: The Middle LevelsRappan Athuk 3: The Dungeon of Graves: The Lower LevelsRappan Athuk ReloadedRath and Storm (anthology)July 1998RavenloftRavenloft 3rd EditionRavenloft 3rd Edition (Limited Edition)Ravenloft Denizens of DreadRavenloft Dungeon Masters GuideRavenloft Gazetteer IRavenloft Gazetteer IIRavenloft Gazetteer IIIRavenloft Gazetteer IVRavenloft Gazetteer VRavenloft Players HandbookRavnica (novel)September 2005Realm of the Rakshasas (novel)October 2006Realms of Infamy (anthology)1994Realms of Magic (anthology)December 1995Realms of Norrath: Dagnor's CauldronRealms of Norrath: Everfrost PeaksRealms of Norrath: Forests of FaydarkRealms of Norrath: FreeportRealms of Power: MagicMay 2008Realms of Shadow (anthology)March 2002Realms of Valor (anthology)February 1993Realms of War (anthology)January 2008Realms of the Arcane (anthology)November 1997Realms of the Deep (anthology)March 2000Realms of the Dragons (anthology)October 2004Realms of the Dragons II (anthology)May 2005Realms of the Elves (anthology)February 2006Realms of the Mystery (anthology)June 1998Realms of the Underdark (anthology)April 1996Reavers of the Blood Sea (novel)May 1999Rebel Storm Booster PackSeptember 3, 2004Rebel Storm Starter SetSeptember 3, 2004Rebellion Era SourcebookSeptember 2001Rebels and ImperialslJune 2007Rebels and Tyrants: Tales of the Fifth Age (anthology)April 2000Red Dragon Codex (novel)January 2008Red Hand of DoomFebruary 2006Red SteelRedemption (novel)July 2002October 2003Relics and Omens: Tales of the Fifth Age (anthology)April 1998Relics and RitualsFebruary 1, 2001Relics and Rituals: Excalibur2004Relics and Rituals: OlympusRelics and Rituals 2: Lost LoreRenewer (3.5e Prestige Class)Requiem for a GodResurrection (novel)April 2005February 2006Return of the Damned (novel)October 2003Return of the Exile (novel)February 2005Return of the Sorceress (novel)November 2004Return to the Temple of Elemental EvilJune 2001Revenge of the Sith Booster PackApril 2, 2005Revenge of the Sith Starter GameApril 2, 2005Riddle in Stone (novel)August 2004Rider in the Night (novel)August 2007Rise of the Seventh Moon (novel)November 2007Ritual Casting Skill (3.5e Variant Rule)Riverwind the Plainsman (novel)October 2003Road of the Patriarch (novel)October 2006July 2007Road to Death (novel)January 2006Room of the Eyes (novel)December 2006Ruins of IntrigueRules CompendiumOctober 2007Rules Cyclopedia (Basic D&D)November 1991Sacred Fire (novel)December 2003Sacrifice of the Widow (novel)February 2007Saga of the Old City (novel)Sanctuary (novel)October 2005Sands of the Soul (novel)November 2002November 2007SandstormMarch 2005Savage SpeciesFebruary 2003Saving Solace (novel)January 2006Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: GhelspadJune 3, 2002Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: TermanaScarred Lands DM Screen and CompanionScarred Lands Gazetteer: GhelspadScarred Lands Gazetteer: TermanaScholar of Decay (novel)December 1995October 2007School of EvocationSchool of IllusionScourge (novel)May 2003Scourge of the Howling HordeNovember 2006Scream of Stone (novel)June 2007Sea of Death (novel)February 2008Sea of Swords (novel)August 2002Search for Magic: Tales from the War of Souls (anthology)October 2001Search for the Pegasus (novel)July 2008Secret SocietiesSecret in the Tower (novel)September 2006Secret of the Spiritkeeper (novel)June 2004Secrets (AEG)2004
Category:Secrets (AEG)Secrets and SocietiesSecrets of NabooFebruary 2001Secrets of SarlonaFebruary 2007Secrets of TatooineMay 2001Secrets of Xen'drikJuly 2006Secrets of Xen’drikJuly 2006Secrets of the Dread Realms and Dungeon Master's ScreenSentinelspire (novel)July 2008Serpent KingdomsDate July 2004Serpent in the FoldServant of the Shard (novel)July 2001June 2005
Category:SettingSeven StrongholdsFebruary 2002Shadow's Witness (novel)November 2000April 2007Shadow of the Flame (novel)June 2007Shadowbred (novel)November 2006Shadowdale (novel)May 2003Shadowmoor (anthology)April 2008Shadows & LightShadows Over NentirFebruary 8th, 2011Shadows of Doom (novel)March 1995Shadows of the Last WarJuly 2004Shadowstorm (novel)September 2007Sharn:City of TowersNovember 2004Shelzar: City of SinsShining SouthOctober 2004Siege of Darkness (novel)August 1995November 2006June 2008Sign of the Shapeshifter (novel)October 2004Signals in the Sky (novel)May 2007Silven PublishingSilver MarchesJuly 2002Silver Shadows (novel)January 2001Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters (novel)August 1999January 2005Sister of the Sword (novel)May 2002Sith Rising (card game)Skreyn's Register: The Bonds of MagicSmuggler's RunSojourn (novel)May 1991May 1991December 2004June 2006Solusek's EyeSon of Thunder (novel)January 2006Song and SilenceDecember 2001Sons of GruumshSeptember 2005Sorcery and SteamOut of PrintSovereign Press, Inc.Special Edition Dungeon Master's Guide (3.5e)October 2005Special Edition Monster Manual (3.5e)October 2006Special Edition Player's Handbook (3.5e)October 2004Spectre of the Black Rose (novel)March 1999Spell CompendiumDecember 2005Spell TreasurySpellbinder GamesSpellfire (novel)April 2002February 2005Spelljammer (Publication)Spirit of the Wind (novel)July 1998Star Wars Arms & Equipment GuideOctober 2002Star Wars Gamemaster ScreenApril 2001Star Wars Gamemaster Screen (Saga)Star Wars Miniatures Starter SetJuly 2007Star Wars Roleplaying Game2000Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised RulebookMay 2002Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga EditionJune, 2007Star of Cursrah (novel)February 1999Stardeep (novel)November 2007Starfarer's HandbookOut of printStarless Night (novel)August 1994July 2006May 2008Starlight & Shadows Gift SetSeptember 2005Starship Battles Booster PackNovember, 2006Starship Battles Starter SetNovember, 2006Starships of the Galaxy (1st Edition)December 1, 2001Starships of the Galaxy (Saga)December 2007Starter Set (5e)July 15th, 2014Steam WarriorsSteel and Stone (novel)September 1992Storm Dragon (novel)September 2007May 2008Storm of the Dead (novel)September 2007Stormblade (novel)April 2004Stormlight (novel)October 1996StormwrackAugust 2005Strange DeadJuly 7, 2016Strange Lands: Lost Tribes of the Scarred LandsStreams of Silver (novel)January 1989July 2005May 2007Stronghold Builder's GuidebookMay 2002Sucks to Be Me (novel)August 2008Super Genius GamesSword Coast Adventurer's Guide3 November, 2015
Category:Sword Coast Adventurer's GuideSword Play (novel)May 1996Sword and FistJanuary 2001Template:Sword and Sorcery Studios BreadcrumbSword and Spells (Original D&D)1976Swordmage (novel)May 2008Swords of Dragonfire (novel)April 2008Swords of Eveningstar (novel)August 2006June 2007TM1 The Western Countries Trail Map (Basic D&D)1989Tactical Studies Rules/TSR Inc.Tales of Uncle Trapspringer (novel)March 1998Tangled Webs (novel)April 1996May 1998March 2003Tanis, the Shadow Years (novel)December 2003Tantras (novel)June 2003Tapestry of Dark Souls (novel)March 1993June 2007Tears of the Night Sky (novel)October 1998Tempest's Vow (novel)April 2008Tempest FeudMarch 2002Temple Hill (novel)September 2001Temple of Solusek RoTemple of the Dragonslayer (novel)July 2004Test of the Twins (novel)February 2002November 2004The Advanced Player's Manual20 September 2005The Alabaster Staff (novel)August 2003The Alien Sea (novel)August 2006The Annotated Chronicles (omnibus)October 2002The Annotated Elminster (omnibus)November 2007The Annotated Legends (omnibus)September 2003September 2005The BanewarrensThe Best of Tales, Volume II (anthology)January 2002The Best of Tales (anthology)February 2000The Best of the Realms, Book II: The Stories of Ed Greenwood (anthology)July 2005The Best of the Realms, Book III: Elaine Cunningham (anthology)May 2007The Best of the Realms (anthology)November 2003The Binding Stone (novel)August 2005The Black Bouquet (novel)September 2003The Black Talon (novel)December 2007The Bloody Eye (novel)January 2003The BonegardenThe Book of Eldritch MightThe Book of Eldritch Might 3: The NexusThe Book of Eldritch Might IIThe Book of Hallowed Might (3.0 Revision)The Book of Hallowed Might (3.5 Revision)The Book of Hallowed Might II: Portents and VisionsThe Book of Iron MightThe Book of Roguish LuckThe Book of TavernsThe Brothers' War (novel)May 1998The Cataclysm (anthology)July 1992October 2005The Chaos Curse (novel)July 2000The Charity of St. NicholasNovember 30, 2016The Citadel (novel)August 2000The City of BrassThe City of Ravens (novel)December 2000The City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel (novel)August 2005May 2006The City of Towers (novel)February 2005The Clandestine Circle (novel)July 2000The Cleric Quintet Collector's Edition (omnibus)January 2002The Colors of Magic (anthology)February 1999The Companions (novel)January 1993The Complete Book of Eldritch MightThe Complete Guide to FeyThe Complete Guide to Liches2003The Crab (novel)June 2001The Crane (novel)November 2000The Crimson Gold (novel)December 2003The Crimson Talisman (novel)May 2005The Crown and the Sword (novel)June 2006The Crystal Chalice (novel)March 2006The Crystal Shard (novel)January 1988March 2005January 2007The Dargonesti (novel)October 1995The Dark Elf Trilogy Collector's Edition (omnibus)February 1, 2000The Dark Side SourcebookAugust 2001The Darksteel Eye (novel)January 2004The Darkwood Mask (novel)March 2008The Dawning of a New Age (novel)June 2002The Day of the Tempest (novel)August 2002The Death Ray (novel)December 2003The Demon Hand (novel)The Diamond ThroneThe Divine and the Defeated: The Gods and Titans of the ScarredThe Doom Brigade (novel)April 1998The Doom of Kings (novel)August 2008The Dragon (novel)September 2001The Dragon Isles (novel)December 2002The Dragon Well (novel)September 2004The Dragons' ReturnThe Dragons (novel)October 1996The Dragons Revealed (novel)August 2006The Dragons at War (anthology)May 1996The Dragons of Chaos (anthology)January 1998The Dragons of Krynn (anthology)March 1994The Dragons of Magic (anthology)August 2001The Dream Spheres (novel)May 1999The Dying Kingdom (novel)July 2004The Ebony Eye (novel)March 2007The Elven Nations Trilogy Gift SetSeptember 2005The Emerald Scepter (novel)August 2005The Eternal Ice (novel)May 2000The Eve of the Maelstrom (novel)November 2002The Eyes Have It (novel)The Faithful and the ForsakenThe Fallen Fortress (novel)July 2000The Fifth Dawn (novel)May 2004The Floodgate (novel)April 2001The Force UnleashedNovember 2007The Forge of FuryNovember 2000The Forge of WarJune 2007The Gates of Night (novel)November 2006The Gates of Thorbardin (novel)October 1990August 2004The Gathering Dark (novel)June 1999The Ghost King (novel)The Giant's SkullThe Giant Among Us (novel)July 2005The Golden Orb (novel)February 2002The Gossamer Plain (novel)May 2007The Great White Wyrm (novel)March 2007The Grey CitadelThe Grieving Tree (novel)March 2006The Gully Dwarves (novel)June 1996The Halfling's Gem (novel)January 1990November 2005August 2007The Halls of Stormweather (anthology)July 2000February 2007The Hornsaw: Forest of BloodThe Howling Delve (novel)July 2007The Hunter's Blade Trilogy Gift SetSeptember 2007The Hunter's Blades Collector's Edition (omnibus)January 2007The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition (omnibus)February 2001The Icewind Dale Trilogy Gift SetSeptember 2002The Inheritance (novel)May 2001The Irda (novel)June 1995The Jewel of Turmish (novel)February 2002The Kagonesti (novel)January 1995The Killing Song (novel)December 2006The Kinslayer Wars (novel)1991November 2004The Lake of Death (novel)October 2004The Last Mythal (gift set)October 2007The Last Thane (novel)June 1998The Left Hand of Death (novel)July 2007The Legacy (novel)October 1993April 2006April 2008The Legend of Drizzt, Collectors Edition Book II (omnibus)March 2008The Legend of Drizzt, Collectors Edition Book I (omnibus)February 2008The Legend of Drizzt (Gift Set, Books I-III)October 2007The Legend of Drizzt (Gift Set, Books IV-VI)October 2007The Legend of Huma (novel)March 1988January 2004The Lion (novel)November 2001The Lioness (novel)August 2002The Living Dead (novel)August 2002The Lone Drow (novel)October 2003June 2004The Lost Library of Cormanthyr (novel)March 1998The Magehound (novel)April 2000The Magic of Krynn (anthology)April 1987February 2005The Man on the Ceiling (novel)March 2008The Measure and the Truth (novel)January 2007The Medieval Bestiary Revised Edition2001The Medusa Plague (novel)October 1994The Messenger (novel)February 2001The Middle of Nowhere (novel)July 2003The Monsters of Magic (anthology)August 2003The Moons of Mirrodin (novel)September 2003The Mysteries2000 (out of print)The Myths of Magic (anthology)June 2000The Name of the Game (novel)The Netbook of Feats Version 12.4 of the Netbook of FeatsThe Nether Scroll (novel)September 2000The Night of DissolutionThe Nightmare Lands (novel)October 2003The Oath and the Measure (novel)May 1992The Ogre's Pact (novel)May 2005The Orb of Xoriat (novel)October 2005The Orc King (novel)October 2007July 2008The Penumbral PentagonThe Phoenix (novel)March 2001The Pirate's Guide to FreeportThe Pirate King (novel)The Players of Gilean: Tales from the War of Souls (anthology)February 2003The Price of Power (novel)The Puppet King (novel)February 1999The Qualinesti (novel)1991December 2004The Queen of Death (novel)October 2006The Quintessential Aristocrat2004The Quintessential Barbarian2003The Quintessential Barbarian II2004The Quintessential Bard2003The Quintessential Bard II2004The Quintessential ClericThe Quintessential Dwarf2002The Quintessential ElfThe Quintessential Monk IIThe Quintessential PsionOut of PrintThe Quintessential WitchJanuary 9, 2001The Rage (novel)April 2004The Rebellion (novel)August 2007The Reign of Istar (anthology)April 1992September 2005The Rising Tide (novel)January 1999The Rite (novel)January 2005The Rose and the Skull (novel)March 1999The Ruby Guardian (novel)November 2004The Ruin (novel)May 2006The Sapphire Crescent (novel)November 2003The Savage Caves (novel)July 2002The Scorpion (novel)July 2000The Sea Devil's Eye (novel)May 2000The Search for Power: Dragons from the War of Souls (anthology)May 2004The Second Generation (anthology)19942001February 2002The Secret of Pax Tharkas (novel)December 2007The Secrets of Magic (anthology)March 2002The Sellsword (novel)April 2008The Serpent CitadelThe Serpent and The ScepterThe Seventh Sentinel (novel)August 1995The Shardsfall QuestThe Shattered Alliance (novel)December 2000The Shattered Gates of SlaughtergardeDecember 2006The Shattered Land (novel)February 2006The Shattered Mask (novel)June 2001July 2007The Shield of Weeping Ghosts (novel)May 2008The Siege (novel)December 2001The Siege of Durgam's FollyThe Siege of Mt. Nevermind (novel)September 1999The Silent Blade (novel)June 1999June 2007The Silver Spell (novel)August 2005The Silver Stair (novel)January 1999The Slayer's Guide to DragonsThe Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers2002The Slayer's Guide to Hobgoblins2003The Slayer's Guide to Kobolds2003The Sorcerer (novel)November 2002The Soulforge (novel)January 1999The Speaker in DreamsJanuary 2001The Spine of the World (novel)July 2000December 2007The Standing StoneApril 2001The Steel Throne (novel)March 2002The Stolen Sun (novel)September 2007The Stowaway (novel)September 2008The Summoning (novel)March 2001The Sundered Arms (novel)July 2003The Sunless CitadelSeptember 2000The Tales of the Last War (anthology)April 2006The Temple of Elemental Evil (novel)May 2001The Temptation of Elminster (novel)November 1999The Thieves' Guild (novel)December 2000The Thousand Orcs (novel)September 2002July 2003The Thran (novel)December 1999The Titan of Twilight (novel)October 2005The Tomb of Horrors (novel)February 2002The Tortle Package19 September, 2017The Twilight TombSeptember 2006The Two Swords (novel)October 2004September 2005The Unicorn (novel)October 2000The Vault of Larin KarrThe Verdant Passage (novel)September 2008The War of the Lance (anthology)November 1992December 2005The Wayward Knights (novel)October 1997The Wayward Wizard (novel)September 2006The Wheel of Time:Prophecies of the DragonMarch 2002The Wise and the WickedThe Wizard's Fate (novel)February 2004The Wizard's Grimoire Revised Edition1998The Wizardwar (novel)March 2002The Wurst of Grimtooth's TrapsThe Yellow Silk (novel)February 2004Theros Ironfeld (novel)December 1999Thieves' World: Black Snake Dawn2006Thieves of Blood (novel)May 2006Thirty Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & DragonsOctober 2004February 2006Thornhold (novel)February 2001Threats of the GalaxyMay 20, 2008Three-Dragon AnteTides of Blood (novel)April 2004April 2005Time Spiral (novel)September 2006Time Streams (novel)April 1999Time of the Twins (novel)February 2001March 2004To Sleep with Evil (novel)1996March 2007To the Gates of Palanthas (novel)October 2003Tomb of AbysthorTome and BloodJuly 2001Tome of ArtifactsTome of BattleAugust 2006Tome of Beasts (5e)November 8, 2016Tome of HorrorsTome of Horrors IITome of Horrors IIITome of Magic (3.5e)March 2006Tome of Treasures (4e)September 16, 2008Torment (novel)November 1999Trail of the Black Wyrm (novel)April 2006Transcendence: The Arcana Evolved Player's CompanionTraps and TreacheryOut of PrintTraps and Treachery IITreachery's Wake (novel)March 2003Trinity d20Trouble at DurbenfordTwilight Falling (novel)July 2003Twisted LoreOUT OF PRINTTymora's Luck (novel)December 1997Ultimate AdversariesJune 2004Ultimate Alien AnthologyApril 2003Ultimate Missions:Clone StrikeFebruary, 2005Ultimate Missions:Rebel StormNovember, 2004Ultimate Missions:Revenge of the SithMay, 2005Unapproachable EastMay 2003Unclean (novel)April 2007Undead (novel)March 2008Under the Fallen Stars (novel)October 1999UnderdarkOctober 2003Underdark Booster PackNovember 2005Unearthed Arcana (3.5e)February 2004Unearthed Arcana (5e)Unhallowed Booster PackMarch 2007Universe Booster PackAugust 19, 2005Urban ArcanaMay 2003Valar Project, Inc.Vampire of the Mists (novel)September 1991September 2006June 2008Van Richten's Arsenal Volume 1Van Richten's Guide to the Shadow FeyVan Richten's Guide to the Walking DeadVanity's Brood (novel)March 2006Venom's Taste (novel)March 2004Vigil Watch: Secrets of the AsaatthiVigil Watch : Warrens of the RatmenVinas Solamnus (novel)November 1997Viper’s Kiss (novel)March 2005 :Category:Volo's Guide to MonstersVolo's Guide to Monsters15 November, 2016Voyage of the Golden DragonApril 2006Voyage of the Mourning Dawn (novel)June 2006Wanderlust (novel)September 1991War Drums Booster PackMarch 2006War of Souls Gift SetSeptember 2003War of the Dragon Queen Huge PackJuly 2006War of the Twins (novel)February 2002June 2004Warrior’s Blood (novel)May 2007Warrior’s Bones (novel)November 2007Warrior’s Heart (novel)November 2006Waterdeep (novel)July 2003Weapons of LegacyJuly 2005Weasel's Luck (novel)January 1989 (1st)May 2004 (2nd)What Evil LurksWheel of TimeWheel of Time Roleplaying GameAugust 2001When the Sky FallsWhisper of Waves (novel)November 2005Whispers of the Vampire's BladeSeptember 2004White Plume Mountain (novel)October 1999White Wolf PublishingWilderlands of High FantasyWilderness and Wasteland: Scarred Lands EncountersWildscapeWind of Honor (novel)August 2002Wind of Justice (novel)June 2003Wind of Truth (novel)December 2003Wind of War (novel)December 2002Windwalker (novel)April 2003April 2004Winterheim (novel)January 2003Wizard's Betrayal (novel)January 2006Wizard's Curse (novel)September 2005Wizard's Return (novel)May 2006Wizards' Conclave (novel)July 2004Wizards Presents:Races and ClassesDecember 2007Wizards Presents:Worlds and MonstersJanuary 2008Wizards of the CoastWorld of Warcraft: The Roleplaying GameWorld of Warcraft Monster 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Races Faun (5e Race)Gremlin (5e Race)Spriggan (5e Race)Suffering Orcs (3.5e Race)
Classes Alchemist (5e Class)Barbarian of the North (3.5e Class)Bounty Hunter (3.5e Class)Cardcaster (5e Class)Diabolist (5e Class)Feywalker (5e Class)God's Eye (3.5e Prestige Class)Inquisitor (3.5e Prestige Class)Investigator (3.5e Class)Justice (3.5e NPC Class)Lawkeeper (3.5e Prestige Class)Magehunter (3.5e Prestige Class)Noble (5e Class)Occultist (5e Class)Spellbane (3.5e Prestige Class)Time Thief (Pathfinder Class)
Character Options Alchemist's Apprentice (5e Background)Bloodkeeper's Barricade (5e Background)Epitheos Monastery (5e Background)
Skills Basic Local Info (3.5e Knowledge (Local) Skill Use)Decipher Sentinel Stone or Mark of Justice (3.5e Knowledge (Arcana or Religion) Skill Use)Determine Legality (3.5e Knowledge (Law) Skill Use)Forensic Pathology (3.5e Heal Skill Use)Hide Your Trail (3.5e Survival Skill Use)Specific Info (3.5e Gather Information Skill Use)Spot Sense Motive or Spell Use (3.5e Sense Motive Skill Use)Throw Off Pursuit (3.5e Diplomacy Skill Use)Torture (3.5e Heal Skill Use)Torture (3.5e Intimidate Skill Use)Urban Tracking (3.5e Gather Information Skill Use)
Feats Abyssal Hide (5e Feat)Alchemical Artillerist (5e Feat)Arcane Ley Lines (3.5e Feat)Arch Nemesis (3.5e Feat)Astrologer (5e Feat)Avatar (3.5e Feat)Balor Wings (5e Feat)Barbaric Past (3.5e Feat)Bardic Lore (3.5e Feat)Beast Line (3.5e Feat)Bloodkeeper Arts (5e Feat)Bondsman (3.5e Feat)Boundaries of the Past (3.5e Feat)Brew Epic Potion (3.5e Feat)Brew Greater Potion (3.5e Feat)Brew Unstable Potion (3.5e Feat)Cardshark (5e Feat)Careful Listener (3.5e Feat)Cartomancy (5e Feat)Chosen of Fortune (5e Feat)Co Dependence (3.5e Feat)Cosmic Ritualist (5e Feat)Couatl Crest (5e Feat)Damage Reduction (3.5e Feat)Defensive Stance (3.5e Feat)Delusions of Grandeur (3.5e Feat)Destiny Denied (3.5e Feat)Deva Wings (5e Feat)Devil’s Arm (5e Feat)Distracting Stance (3.5e Feat)Divine Champion (3.5e Feat)Divine Ley Lines (3.5e Feat)Dretch Belch (5e Feat)Dwarf Line (3.5e Feat)Elf Line (3.5e Feat)Expeditious Alchemy (5e Feat)Forgotten Lore (3.5e Feat)Greased Lightning (5e Feat)Great Destiny (3.5e Feat)Greater Damage Reduction (3.5e Feat)Greater Maiming Strike (3.5e Feat)Greater Stunning Strike (3.5e Feat)Group Tactics (3.5e Feat)Hard to Fool (3.5e Feat)Holy Drive (5e Feat)Improved Damage Reduction (3.5e Feat)Improved Defensive Stance (3.5e Feat)Improved Maiming Strike (3.5e Feat)Improved Stunning Strike (3.5e Feat)Imp’s Eye (5e Feat)Indomitable (3.5e Feat)Infernal Horns (5e Feat)Infernal Mask (5e Feat)Inspired Past (3.5e Feat)Intuitive Diviner (5e Feat)Maiming Strike (3.5e Feat)Metaknowledge (5e Feat)Monastic Past (3.5e Feat)Mounted Musketeer (5e Feat)Multiple Stunning Strike (3.5e Feat)Net Master (3.5e Feat)Noble Past (3.5e Feat)Paragon of Beasts (3.5e Feat)Past Life (3.5e Feat)Perfect Body (3.5e Feat)Perfect Flesh (3.5e Feat)Perfect Mind (3.5e Feat)Perfect Self (3.5e Feat)Perfect Soul (3.5e Feat)Pernicious Poisoner (5e Feat)Planetar Visage (5e Feat)Slippery Tongue (3.5e Feat)Solar Gaze (5e Feat)Sorcerous Past (3.5e Feat)Soul of Light (5e Feat)Spellsense (3.5e Feat)Stunning Strike (3.5e Feat)Superior Damage Reduction (3.5e Feat)Superior Maiming Strike (3.5e Feat)Suppress Spell Energy (3.5e Feat)Swordsaint (5e Feat)Twist the Knife (3.5e Feat)Unicorn Horn (5e Feat)Virtuous Past (3.5e Feat)Vrock Feathers (5e Feat)
Equipment Alchemical Torch (5e Equipment)Ammunition, Bullet (50) (5e Equipment)Ammunition, Fire Arrow/Bolt (20) (5e Equipment)Ammunition, Rounds (20) (5e Equipment)Ammunition, Shot (20) (5e Equipment)Ball and Chain (3.5e Equipment)Barrel Chain Rifle (5e Equipment)Blunderbuss (5e Equipment)Carbine (5e Equipment)Elephant Gun (5e Equipment)Elephant Pistol (5e Equipment)Facemold Paste (5e Equipment)Fire Lance (5e Equipment)Flareshot (3.5e Equipment)Flashstone (3.5e Equipment)Flintlock Revolver (5e Equipment)Glacial Effector (5e Equipment)Gun Cane (5e Equipment)Gun Kit (5e Equipment)Gun Shield (5e Equipment)Hand Blunderbuss (5e Equipment)Hand Cannon (5e Equipment)Harmonica Pistol (5e Equipment)Harmonica Rifle (5e Equipment)Harquebus (5e Equipment)Harquebus Hybrid (5e Equipment)Hexagonal Rifle (5e Equipment)Hybrid Pistol (5e Equipment)Investigator's Kit (3.5e Equipment)Iron Hands (3.5e Equipment)King's Walking Staff (5e Equipment)Lead Ingot (5e Equipment)Leather Gag (3.5e Equipment)Lever Action Carbine (5e Equipment)Lever Action Pistol (5e Equipment)Matchlock Musket (5e Equipment)Matchlock Pistol (5e Equipment)Midnight Dust (5e Equipment)Mithral Net (3.5e Equipment)Mithral Rope (3.5e Equipment)Mother's Milk (3.5e Equipment)Musket (5e Equipment)Needle Rifle (5e Equipment)Pepperbox Pistol (5e Equipment)Pepperbox Rifle (5e Equipment)Pistol (5e Equipment)Pocket Pistol (5e Equipment)Poppy's Kiss (3.5e Equipment)Powder Flask (5e Equipment)Repeating Flintlock Pistol (5e Equipment)Rest (5e Equipment)Revolver (5e Equipment)Revolving Blunderbuss (5e Equipment)Revolving Carbine (5e Equipment)Revolving Rifle (5e Equipment)Rifle (5e Equipment)Rotating Revolver (5e Equipment)Saber (5e Equipment)Silk Net (3.5e Equipment)Smoke Bomb (5e Equipment)Sparksprig (5e Equipment)Strolga (3.5e Equipment)Thundershot (3.5e Equipment)Torturer's Lab (3.5e Equipment)Triangular Bayonet (5e Equipment)Truth Serum (3.5e Equipment)Turret Pistol (5e Equipment)Turret Rifle (5e Equipment)Volley Musket (5e Equipment)Volley Pistol (5e Equipment)
Magic Items Adamantine Bullet (5e Equipment)Blood Drinking (3.5e Equipment)Bloodkeeper Crystal (5e Equipment)Bottled Spirits (3.5e Equipment)Calamity Blade (5e Equipment)Circle of Thought (3.5e Equipment)Clinging (3.5e Equipment)Cloak of Shadows (3.5e Equipment)Collar of Dreamless Sleep (3.5e Equipment)Collar of Pain (3.5e Equipment)Collar of Pain Control Ring (3.5e Equipment)Death Coins (3.5e Equipment)Dire Bear Mask (5e Equipment)Dragon's Breath Shot (5e Equipment)Enchanted Manacles (3.5e Equipment)Figurine of Wondrous Power, Bloodhound (3.5e Equipment)Figurine of Wondrous Power: Agate Cat (5e Equipment)Gloves of Subtle Casting (3.5e Equipment)Goblin Mask (5e Equipment)Hag Mask (5e Equipment)Hill Giant Mask (5e Equipment)Honor's Seat (3.5e Equipment)Jawbreakers' War Mask (5e Equipment)Key Talisman (3.5e Equipment)Mana Manacles (3.5e Equipment)Manacles of Ghostly Binding (3.5e Equipment)Manacles of Maintenance (3.5e Equipment)Mantle of the Inquisitor (3.5e Equipment)Mask of Humanity (5e Equipment)Mask of the Dragon (5e Equipment)Mask of the Feychild (5e Equipment)Mask of the Infernal Offspring (5e Equipment)Mask of the Shamed Royal (5e Equipment)Message Stones (3.5e Equipment)Monocle of Aura Comparison (3.5e Equipment)Moon Powder (5e Equipment)No-Headed Coin (5e Equipment)Octopoid Mask (5e Equipment)Orb of Dimensional Stability (3.5e Equipment)Orb of Silence (3.5e Equipment)Phantom Blade (3.5e Equipment)Portable Cell (3.5e Equipment)Powder of Power (3.5e Equipment)Rain Match (5e Equipment)Ring of Truth (3.5e Equipment)Robe of Deception (3.5e Equipment)Rod of Containment (3.5e Equipment)Sentinel Stone, Greater (3.5e Equipment)Sentinel Stone (3.5e Equipment)Silent Passenger (3.5e Equipment)Sleeper Net (3.5e Equipment)Spark Staff (5e Equipment)Spectacles of Speculation (3.5e Equipment)Spellbane's Bolt, Greater (3.5e Equipment)Spellbane's Bolt (3.5e Equipment)Stone of Wit (3.5e Equipment)Stoneborn Death Mask (5e Equipment)Tentacle Rope (3.5e Equipment)The Ghost Hood (5e Equipment)The Proclaimer (5e Equipment)The Slashed Faces (5e Equipment)Thought Disruption (3.5e Equipment)Trackless Boots (3.5e Equipment)Visage of the Vampire (5e Equipment)
Spells 5e Mag SpellAgony (3.5e Spell)Anathema (3.5e Spell)Animate Net (3.5e Spell)Astromancy (5e Spell)Aural Disruption (3.5e Spell)Ban (3.5e Spell)Blood Spilled Anew (3.5e Spell)Bumble (3.5e Spell)Cloak of Silence (3.5e Spell)Cloud the Guilty Mind (3.5e Spell)Conjure Deep Abomination (5e Spell)Detect Bloodtraces (3.5e Spell)Detect Heretic (3.5e Spell)Detect Magical Residue (3.5e Spell)Detect Mystical Streams (3.5e Spell)Direct Conversation (3.5e Spell)Dreaming Tide (5e Spell)Drowning (5e Spell)Eclipse (5e Spell)Endure Pain (3.5e Spell)Excommunicate (3.5e Spell)Final Vision (3.5e Spell)Follow the Bloody Trail (3.5e Spell)Form Bloodstone (3.5e Spell)Garble (3.5e Spell)Greater Mark of Justice (3.5e Spell)Herculean Force (5e Spell)Hinder (3.5e Spell)Indelible Mark (3.5e Spell)Induced Illiteracy (3.5e Spell)Light of Truth (3.5e Spell)Magnitude-Based Spellcasting (5e Sourcebook)/Animal WhispererMalediction (3.5e Spell)Mystic Opposition (3.5e Spell)Mystical Manacles (3.5e Spell)Mystical Void (3.5e Spell)Opposing Currents (3.5e Spell)Painful Truth (3.5e Spell)Pins and Needles (3.5e Spell)Putrefy Food (5e Spell)Read the Guilty Face (3.5e Spell)Scatterbrain (3.5e Spell)Scourge (3.5e Spell)See the Face (3.5e Spell)Sever from the Source (3.5e Spell)Sleep of the Unjust (3.5e Spell)Steal the Painful Memory (3.5e Spell)Testimony of the Broken Window (3.5e Spell)Universal Potion (5e Spell)
Divinity Foresight (3.5e Cleric Domain)Justice (3.5e Cleric Domain)Silver Book (3.5e Deity)
Variant Rules Capacity (5e Variant Rule)Chain Fire (5e Variant Rule)Double-Action (5e Variant Rule)Experimenting and Grafting (5e Variant Rule)Firearm Customization (5e Variant Rule)Judicial Curses (3.5e Variant Rule)Legal System (3.5e Variant Rule)Loud (5e Variant Rule)Magical Nets (3.5e Variant Rule)Match Loading (5e Variant Rule)Misalignment (5e Variant Rule)Misfire (5e Variant Rule)Rest (5e Variant Rule)Restraints (3.5e Variant Rule)Shot (5e Variant Rule)Turret Chain Fire (5e Variant Rule)Unwieldy (5e Variant Rule)Volley (5e Variant Rule)Warfare (5e Variant Rule)
Creatures, Templates and NPCs Abominable Beauty (5e Creature)Abrikandilu (5e Creature)Accursed Defiler (5e Creature)Accuser Devil (5e Creature)Ala (5e Creature)Algorith (5e Creature)Alseid (5e Creature)Alseid Grovekeeper (5e Creature)Amphiptere (5e Creature)Andrenjinyi (5e Creature)Angatra (5e Creature)Angler Worm (5e Creature)Anubian (5e Creature)Arboreal Grappler (5e Creature)Aridni (5e Creature)Asanbosam (5e Creature)Avatar of Boreas (5e Creature)Azza Gremlin (5e Creature)Baba Yaga's Horsemen, Black Night (5e Creature)Baba Yaga's Horsemen, Bright Day (5e Creature)Baba Yaga's Horsemen, Red Sun (5e Creature)Bagiennik (5e Creature)Bandit Lord (5e Creature)Bastet Temple Cat (5e Creature)Bearfolk (5e Creature)Behtu (5e Creature)Beli (5e Creature)Bereginyas (5e Creature)Bibliognost (5e Creature)Black Icer (5e Creature)Black Knight Commander (5e Creature)Blazing Spider (5e Creature)Blemmyes (5e Creature)Bloodhound (3.5e Creature)Blutsauger (5e Creature)Boloti (5e Creature)Bolt-Thrower (5e Creature)Bone Collective (5e Creature)Bone Crab (5e Creature)Bone Swarm (5e Creature)Bouda (5e Creature)Broodiken (5e Creature)Bucca (5e Creature)Bukavac (5e Creature)Buraq (5e Creature)Buraq (6e Creature)Burrowling (5e Creature)Cacodaemon (5e Creature)Cactid (5e Creature)Cambium (5e Creature)Carrion Beetle (5e Creature)Carrow (5e Creature)Chained Angel (5e Creature)Clockwork Knight (5e Creature)Cloud Spider (5e Creature)Contract Devil (5e Creature)Djehuty (5e Creature)Fidele Angel (5e Creature)Forvirskrípi (5e Creature)Gear Spider (5e Creature)Geode Spider (5e Creature)Giant Ant (5e Creature)Giant Ant Queen (5e Creature)Granitehead (5e Creature)Grimlock Brute (5e Creature)Grimlock Supplicant (5e Creature)Grinder (5e Creature)Hlaupa (5e Creature)Hydrodaemon (5e Creature)Kalke (5e Creature)Knútadraugr (5e Creature)Littoral Spider (5e Creature)Living Spellbook (5e Creature)Magehound (3.5e Creature)Magma Elemental (5e Creature)Maw Swarm (5e Creature)Mubida (5e Creature)Mud Elemental (5e Creature)Nihileth (5e Creature)Nihilethic Zombie (5e Creature)OGC 5e Template PreloadOchokochi (5e Creature)Oculite (5e Creature)Plaguebelly (5e Creature)Poludnitsa (5e Creature)Revilock (5e Creature)Revilock Paragon (5e Creature)Samovila (5e Creature)Sand Elemental (5e Creature)Slithering Crown (5e Creature)Slitherwhite (5e Creature)Smoke Elemental (5e Creature)Snow Angel (5e Creature)Steam Elemental (5e Creature)Storm Elemental (5e Creature)Thanadaemon (5e Creature)Thornfist (5e Creature)Thuull (5e Creature)Titivullus (5e Creature)Troglodyte Meatseeker (5e Creature)Troglodyte Wallower (5e Creature)Viy (5e Creature)Wailer on the Ice (5e Creature)Warmonger Devil (5e Creature)Íssax (5e Creature)

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