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Magical Nets

Magical weapons cannot be damaged unless the attacker uses a weapon with an enhancement bonus that at least matches the weapon he’s striking. As a result, strength alone cannot burst a magical net. If the attacker himself possesses an enhancement bonus (like a monk with Ki Strike or a creature with Damage Reduction), he may attempt to burst the net as usual. However, each +1 enhancement bonus to the net adds +1 to the DC of the Strength check required to burst the net, in addition to providing a point of Hardness and adding 1 hit point.

A net enchanted with the flaming, frost, merciful, shock, or vicious special abilities only inflicts the special damage on the initial strike. However, by increasing the caster level of the ability to 12 and the market price modifier to +3, the effect can be made continuous; a net of continuous flame (or shock, or mercy, etc.) inflicts damage every round the victim is trapped within. An anarchic, axiomatic, bane, holy, or unholy net can be upgraded to cause continuous damage with a caster level of 15 and a market price modifier of +4.

Wounding can be placed on a net, but it is a +3 cost modifier. A wounding net is covered with razor-sharp barbs. It only inflicts ability damage after the initial attack, and cannot be turned into a continuous ability. However, if the wielder maintains control of the net he may use a standard action to make a touch attack against any creature trapped in the net. If this attack is successful, he twists the barbs and inflicts an additional point of Constitution damage. Once the victim escapes the net, it must be refolded before it can be used again.

A net enchanted with the returning ability refolds itself immediately on a failed attack. Otherwise, a magical net requires two rounds to refold after use, just like a mundane net. A dancing net can refold itself after a failed attack, but takes two rounds to do so.

A net enchanted with ghost touch can hold an incorporeal creature in place; while entangled in the net, the victim cannot move through solid objects to escape the net.

The brilliant energy, burst (flaming, icy, shocking, thundering), defending, disruption, keen, mighty cleaving, speed, and vorpal abilities cannot be placed on a net.

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