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Greater Spellbane's Bolt

This +1 bolt has blue fletching and a small sapphire embedded in the shaft. When it strikes an opponent who is currently under the effect of a spell, it acts as a targeted dispel magic in addition to inflicting damage. For every spell in effect, make a dispel check of 1d20 + 6 against a DC of 11 + the spell’s caster level. If the check succeeds, the spell in question is cancelled. A greater spellbane’s bolt functions in an identical manner, but with a total bonus of +12 to the dispel check.

The dispel magic effect only activates if the bolt strikes a target with an active magical effect. However, when it is activated, it disrupts the enchantment of the bolt itself; the dispel magic effect can only be used once.

Strength varies based on caster level Abjuration; CL 12; Magic Arms and Armor, greater dispel magic; Market Price: 1,800 gp

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