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Knowledge [Int]

Decipher Sentinel Stone or Mark of Justice

If you’re familiar with magical or religious traditions, you may be able to decipher the purpose of a sentinel stone or a mark of justice.

Check: A mark of justice is a complex religious symbol; typically, it describes the nature of the crime, the course of behavior that must be followed to prevent the mark from being activated, and the consequences of activation. To obtain this information you must be able to examine the mark for a full minute, and you must make a successful Knowledge (religion) check (DC 20). If the mark was made by a priest of your own religion, you get a +5 circumstance bonus to the check. The same check can be used on a greater mark of justice, sentinel stone, or greater sentinel stone. However, if a sentinel stone was created using arcane magic, you should instead use Knowledge (arcana) (DC 20) for the check.

Retry: If the mark or stone was created by a priest of your religion, you may retry the check after one hour has passed. Otherwise, you cannot retry the check.

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