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Transmutation [Judicial Curse]
Level: Clr 8, Inq 8
Components: V, S, XP
Casting time: 1 hour
Range: Special (25 miles/level + 25 miles/point of ceremonial force)
Target: One living creature
Duration: Permanent (see description)
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

A powerful ceremonial curse that marks an enemy of the church.

Anathema is the ultimate form of theocratic justice. You can only cast this spell if you’re an official representative of the church — and this means holding a rank or office within the hierarchy of the church, not simply having a level in the cleric class. The isolated hermit or wandering acolyte does not have the authority required to place this mark upon an enemy. In addition, you cannot use anathema on a person who holds a higher rank within the church than you do; again, this is based on rank and not character level.

Anathema has the following effects:

  • An indelible mark appears on the victim. This mark is only visible to members of your faith, and it brands the victim as accursed in the eyes of the church. This will typically result in a hostile attitude from any NPC who can see it. Note that the victim himself may not be able to see the mark.
  • The victim suffers from all the effects of excommunicate. However, the victim cannot benefit from beneficial spells cast by clerics of your religion even if he himself does not share your beliefs.
  • The victim takes a –2 sacred (or profane, if your religion is evil in nature) penalty to all attack rolls or skill checks made against members of your faith. He suffers a –2 sacred (or profane) penalty to saving throws made against the actions of the faithful.
  • Followers of your religion receive a +2 sacred (or profane) bonus to all attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws they make while fighting the victim.

Anathema can be removed in the same manner as excommunicate. However, the god himself has to approve of any use of atonement. Any cleric can cast atonement, but the deity will state the penance that must be performed before the mark of anathema will be lifted.

Anathema is a judicial curse; the saving throw of the spell can be increased through the use of ceremonial force.

XP Cost: 500 XP

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