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Rod of Containment

A rod of containment is a useful tool for any prison warden. When used in combat, it strikes as a +2 light mace of thought disruption. It also has the following powers:

  • Four times per day as a standard action, the wielder can cast arcane lock. The locked portal is keyed to the rod, not the specific wielder who casts the lock.
  • Twice per day the wielder may inscribe a glyph of warding. This takes 5 minutes, and the wielder may set the conditions under which the glyph will be triggered. The effect is hold person, and the save DC is 13.
  • As a standard action, the wielder can dispel any arcane lock or glyph of warding set using the rod. The locked door or glyph must be within the wielder’s line of sight, but she will sense the presence of the spell.

Key talismans can be created along with a rod of containment, just as if it was a wand of arcane lock.

Strong Abjuration and Enchantment; CL 12; Create Rod, arcane lock, glyph of warding, hold person, hold monster; Market Price: 110,000 gp; Weight: 10 lbs.

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