The Quintessential Cleric

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The Quintessential Cleric[edit]

Sam Witt


Taking an in depth look at Clerics within the d20 system, this sourcebook is dedicated to players interested in running Cleric-classed characters. Written by Sam Witt (Chaos Magic), this sourcebook gives a wealth of new skills, feats and prestige classes but The Quintessential Cleric sets itself apart by introducing many new character options any Cleric may attempt. As well as introducing many new tricks of the trade, players will also be able to access the deepest secrets of congregations, building temples and drawing upon the raw power of faith. The Quintessential Cleric is a toolkit for every player wishing to exploit the full capabilities of his or her character.


  • 2 Introduction
  • 4 Character Concepts
  • 13 The Prestige Cleric
  • 24 Tricks of the Trade
  • 32 Cleric Feats
  • 35 Tools of the Trade
  • 41 Congregations
  • 67 To Serve the Gods
  • 80 Domains of the Gods
  • 90 Divine Spells
  • 97 The Fallen
  • 102 Sacrificial Rites
  • 110 Temples
  • 119 Designer's Notes
  • 120 Rules Summary
  • 122 Index
  • 124 Cleric Character Sheet
  • 128 Licenses


  • Editor - Matthew Sprange
  • Cover Art - Anne Stokes
  • Interior Illustrations - Andrew Jordan, Anthea Dilly, Brent Chumley, Danilo Moretti, David Griffiths, David Esbri, Eric Lofgren, Jose Pares, Marcio Fiorito, Nathan Webb, Rene Brandt, Reynaldo Batista, Rick Otey, Stephen Cook, Stephen Sheperd
  • Additional Text - Ian Barstow
  • Production Manager - Alexander Fennell
  • Proof Reading - Ian Barstow
  • Playtesters - James Sparling, Shannon Sparling, Jimi Braun, Michelle Braun, Jason Thornton, Bill 'Urklore' Schwartz, Tim Elkins, William Adley, Jeff Ibach, Philips Van-Mater-Miner, Cheryl Van Mater-Miner, Angelo Sargentini, Chris Gillis, Zachary Rieck, Steve Mulhern

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