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D&D Miniatures Starter Set
Abbreviation: N/A
Author: N/A
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Item Code: 966210000
Release Date: October 2004
Format: Boxed Set
Page Count: N/A
ISBN-10: 0-7869-3500-6
Price:  ?
Product Blurb:
The Starter Set provides all the starting materials a player needs to become familiar with Dungeon & Dragons miniatures. This Starter Set replaces the version released in 2003. It contains 8 new terrain tiles, and as the rules have been revamped to better facilitate multi-player games, it also contains an updated rulebook. Like the figures in the corresponding Aberrations Booster Pack, the figures in the Starter Set will be chosen directly from key D&D titles, including Complete Divine, Monster Manual III, Serpent Kingdoms, the new Eberron Campaign Setting, and the first Eberron adventure, Shadows of the Last War.

Starter Set components:

  • 12 randomized, pre-painted, plastic miniatures with statistics cards
  • Rare, common, and uncommon miniatures
  • A complete basic rulebook, updated for 2004
  • A 20-sided die
  • A checklist for the Aberrations set
  • Battle grid mapsheet and new terrain tiles
  • Damage counters
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