Eldritch Role-Playing System

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Eldritch Role-Playing System
Abbreviation: N/A
Author: Dan Cross and Randall Petras
Publisher: Goodman Games
Item Code: GMG4360
Release Date: April 2008
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Page Count: 96
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Price: $19.99
Product Blurb:
There is a realm where warriors brandish their swords to thwart evil, wizards bend reality to achieve the impossible, and rogues sneak past them both to claim the treasure for themselves! Eldritch Role-Playing System takes you to this realm. A complete yet simple system, this game lets your characters become powerful heroes with straightforward rules.

With no restrictive archetypes, character concept is king: cast any spell, wield any weapon desired, evoke any power imagines. Players can create detailed characters in minutes, fulfilling their destinies in a world of dream known by sages as √Āinereve. So sharpen your sword, gather your will, and summon your inner strength to prepare for a new game experience...

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