Rebellion Era Sourcebook

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Rebellion Era Sourcebook
Rebellion Era Sourcebook.jpg
Abbreviation: N/A
Author: Bill Slavicsek, Steve Miller, and Owen K.C. Stephens
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Item Code: 882310000
Release Date: September 2001
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 160
ISBN-10: 0-7869-1837-3
Price: $29.95 ($0.00 Canada)
Product Blurb:
Everything you need to know about the Empire and Rebel Alliance from the classic Star Wars universe can be found in this one sourcebook -- from weapon and ship statistics to information on non-player characters. Han Solo, the Death Stars, TIE interceptors, Princess Leia, stormtroopers, Luke Skywalker . . . it's all here in detail.
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