Imperial Supply

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Imperial Supply
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Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Item Code: ds03
Release Date: Out of print
Format: Hardcover
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Price: $19.95
Product Blurb:
Imperial Supply provides players and DMs alike with comprehensive rules for integrating new technologies and equipment into a Dragonstar campaign. This complete catalog of imperial gear includes:
  • Computers and software, communications, drugs and medical equipment, sensors, space gear, survival gear, and subterfuge, intrusion, and security gear.
  • High-tech melee weapons, personal firearms, heavy weapons, starship weapons, and explosives.
  • New armor types and armor modifications, including morphic armor and powered armor.
  • Robots and robot upgrades, including guntowers, drone pilots, slave unites, and spell relays.
  • An extensive selection of new vehicles, from battle tanks to the wyvern assault fighter.
  • Simple and flexible rules and guidelines for designing new vehicles and hacking computer networks.
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