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Guide to the Galaxy
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Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
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Format: Hardcover
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Price: $27.95
Product Blurb:
Guide to the Galaxy

The Guide to the Galaxy provides all of the expanded rules and setting information you need to run a dramatic and exciting Dragonstar campaign.

  • Extensive background information on the Dragon Empire, including profiles of the royal houses, the ISPD, the Unification Church, the Imperial Legions, paladin and blackguard orders, and dozens of other organizations and prominent personalities.
  • Detailed descriptions of the Primogen system and Outlands Station, two ready-to-use adventure locations you can incorporatet into your Draognstar campaign.
  • A complete introductory adventure easily scalable to many different character levels.
  • Complete rules for gravity, vacuum, radiation, world-building, new monsters, magic items and spellware, and much more.
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