Path of Shadow

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Path of Shadow
Abbreviation: PoS
Author: Fantasy Flight Games Staff
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Item Code: DD34
Release Date: Out of Print
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 176
ISBN-10: 1589940741
Price: $24.95
Product Blurb:
Path of Shadow is the third book in Fantasy Flight's new line of character class sourcebooks for the d20 System. The bestselling Traps & Treachery gave DMs plenty of tricks to spring on Rogue characters, and now it's time to turn the tables in the player's favor! Path of Shadow presents a host of new and exciting options for rogue characters, including new class abilities, rogue organizations, new uses for core skills, new feats, prestige classes, high-level legendary classes, and rogue equipment and magic items.
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Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to present Path of Shadow, the ninth volume in our Legends & Lairs line of sourcebooks for the d20 System. Path of Shadow brings together a host of information for those characters interested in the arts of stealth, deception, and larceny.

Chapter 1 contains 19 new prestige classes for use by rogue characters. These classes include the aerialist, the night hunter, the psychic interloper, and the royal assasin. Each prestige class is accompanied by a new organization, designed to fit into any campaign world.

Chapter 2 details more than a dozen new legendary classes—special class options for high level rogue characters. Legendary classes were first introduced in Path of the Sword, the Legends & Lairs class resource for fighting characters. These unique classes include the blood thief, grey hand, fortune’s fool, and jack-of-knives.

Chapter 3 presents several new alternate core classes for use in any campaign. These include the chameleon, the con artist, the delver, and the psychic thief. The chapter provides sufficient diversity that you could play the ever- popular “all rogue” campaign that still features very different player characters with distinct skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Chapter 4 presents information on techniques and tools of special interest to rogue characters. It includes a selection of new equipment, weapons, and magic items, as well as new feats and new uses for existing rogue class skills.

Chapter 5 details a broad selection of shadow schools and organizations, from the razorfiend tradition of drow knife-fighting to assassins’ guilds and thieves’ guilds. Schools and organizations provide characters with new options if they are willing to devote the time, energy, money, and loyalty to a specialized calling or organization.

Prestige Classes
Legendary Classes
Core Classes

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