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Monkeywrencher [General][edit]

Your talent at using magic items not normally available to you is so advanced that you can occasionally allow others to use those items as well.

Prerequisites: Int 15+, Gadgeteer, Magical Savant, 10 ranks in Use Magic Device skill.

Benefit: On a successful Use Magic Device check (DC 30), a person with the Monkeywrencher feat can rig a magical device for a single activation by another character who would ordinarily be restricted from using it. The character using the item may not be nor- mally disqualified from using the item by more than one restriction. For example, an elven cleric could be allowed a single activation of an item that typically works only for elven fight- ers but could not use an item designed specifi- cally for dwarven fighters. At the time of the test, the intended user of the item must be specified. Once successful, the next usage of the item in question must be by the intended person, though there is no time limit on when that next usage must be. Should anyone else use the item before the intended person does, the effect of this feat is nullified and must be performed again.

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