The Quintessential Psion

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The Quintessential Psion
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Abbreviation: QP
Author: Sam Witt
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Release Date: Out of Print
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 128
ISBN-10: 1903980844
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Product Blurb:
The world of the psion is a strange and wonderous place Where others see magic or spirits, the psion is aware of the flow of thoughts and ideas. Able to exert tremendous control over himself and others, the psion is a master of mental energy and a creature who studies a much different type of science than the members of other professions. By drawing upon his internal energies, the psion frees himself from a dependence on the mystical flows of magic or the vagaries of fickle gods on high. But this power has its limits as well and experienced psions learn to control the ways in which they expend their energy to better deal with the challenges they face.
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Character Concepts[edit]

The mind of a psion is a powerful tool, a deadly weapon and a surprisingly resilient bulwark against the attacks of his enemies. But this mind did not spring full-blown from the astral plane; it is a complex creation, moulded over the years by his experiences and his suffering. When one follows the path of a psion back far enough, one is sure to find a moment, a point in time, when the psion either discovered his abilities or had them thrust upon him with often violent results. In this section, we offer several character concepts that define these moments of transformation, tying a psion's future to his past.


Personality fragments are able to ride you easily, sliding in and out of your consciousness with little effort on your part. They provide you with abilities you do not possess, at the cost of some of your personal freedome and the occasional loss of your personality and consciousness. Though you feel the exchange is beneficial to both parties, there are days when the press of other minds and the demands of your preferred fragments are enough to drive you to distraction. Whenever any splintered personality can gain a corporeal presence and experience the flesh once again, you are a bit leery of exposing yourself to them.

Adventuring: You are very good at a wide variety of tasks -- provided you are able to control your fragments and are not victimixed by some freakishly stray thought. Adventuring gives you a focus, a way to use the powers you have both for your personal benefit and to do a little good (or evil, if that is your thing). Adventuring, or at least travelling, is also quite necessary, as staying in any one place for any length of time is likely to bring down a horde of gragments who all want to be part of your life, even if only for a few minutes.

Those who travel with you are accustomed to your occasional trance states and your sometimes-confusing leaps in consciousness. But they are also appreciative of your ability to come up with the necessary skills in the clutch, grabbing what is needed out of seemingly thin air to help your party out of a tight spot. Though they do not really understand what it is that you do for them, or the price you pay for you skills, they certainly respect what you can do.

Roleplaying: Your mind is an open door and you are quite used to others making use of your body as they see fit. in your short life, you have been everything from a lockpick to an acrobat and, though most of the skills you have used are not truly your own, you cannot deny a great sense of accomplishment in what you have done. You are also very sympathetic to the plight of the fragments - not dead, not truly alive, and rarely more intelligent than a child, these splintered bits of the psyche want nothing more than a body and the chance to do what they do best. Because of this, you must often allow your body to be used in ways you may not be comfortable with. To combat this, you occasionally develop a powerful drinking or drug problem, allowing you to anaesthetise yourself and prevent anyone from taking over your intoxicated body.

You always seem to have a somewhat distant and aloof air about you, as if you are listing to something no one else can hear. Which, in many cases is exactly what you are doing, listening for the telltale whispers that warn of approaching fragments so you can protect yourself, and your mind, form their advances.

Benefits: You may contain two more fragments than would normally be possible (see Echoes and Fragmounts ((Standard is 1)). You also gain a +1 natural bonus to any Psicraft skill check you make to harness a fragment or extract a skill from a harnessed fragment.

Penalties: You suffer a -1 penalty to any Will saves you make to ward off the advances of an unwanted fragment rider. You also suffer a -1 natural penalty to any Will saves you make to attempt to throw off a fragment rider, including those you willingly invite into your aura.

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