Starships of the Galaxy (Saga)

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Starships of the Galaxy (Saga)
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Abbreviation: N/A
Author: Gary Astleford, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Rodney Thompson
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Item Code: 217147200
Release Date: December 2007
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 160
ISBN-10: 978-0-7869-4823-9
Price: $34.95
Product Blurb:
This 160-page sourcebook expands on the starship rules in the core rulebook, presenting new options for players and Gamemasters alike. Featuring information from all six Star Wars films and from across the Expanded Universe, the book provides a complete cross-section of the fantastic starships found throughout the saga's history.

The book is designed for players who want to enhance their characters' prowess in starship combat, as well as those just looking for a new space transport or starfighter to pilot during epic Star Wars adventures. For Gamemasters, the book serves not only as a catalog of space combat challenges, but it also offers advice and guidelines for creating exciting adventures and encounters using space combat.

Furthermore, Starships of the Galaxy provides a complete starship enhancement and generation system, allowing tinkering heroes to modify their starship and make it their very own. Gamemasters and players alike can use these rules to create new starships or tailor existing ships to better fit the needs of their campaign. The system includes guidelines on pricing modifications, rules for determining how many modifications a starship can have, and the consequences for taxing a ship's resources too much!

Starships of the Galaxy features:

  1. A complete codex of starships, featuring ships from all six movies as well as the novels, comics, and videogames of the Expanded Universe.
  2. Multiple stat blocks and information on starship variants, including unique ships and alternative configurations.
  3. Full-color deckplans for several space transports suitable for use by heroes and villains.
  4. A robust starship generation and modification system.
  5. Enhanced rules for starship combat, allowing pilots to pull off exciting maneuvers.
  6. New talents, feats, and skill uses designed to complement space travel and combat.
  7. An in-depth look at how starships affect the denizens of the Star Wars universe, and how to make space travel a more exciting part of your campaign.
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