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Map Folio Two

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Map Folio Two[edit]

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Item Code 965690000
Release Date August 2004
Format Trade Paperback
Page Count 64
ISBN 0-7869-3135-3
Price $9.95 ; C$14.95

Product Blurb:[1]

Discover Ancient Sites and New Adventures

Explore labyrinthine tunnels, a mysterious observatory, an imposing temple, and other intriguing locations with the aid of 32 full-color maps tucked inside. Whether used as inspiration for creating new adventures, as a handy reference during your game, or as a detailed handout to capture your players’ imagination, each map offers the promise of adventure, the threat of danger, and the allure of reward.

When combined, the maps in this folio create an exotic walled city built centuries ago by a mighty civilization. Perfectly suited for the coastline of any campaign world, this site is an ideal destination for explorers of the Eberron campaign setting’s continent of Xen’drik. Whether still populated by a thriving society, overrun with monsters, or hauntingly vacant, this colossal city holds countless secrets waiting to be uncovered.

These all-new maps are the second in a new series of materials created to help you add flavor and functionality to your D&D game.

Map Folio II contains 32 different full-color maps.

  1. This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher

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