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Epitheos Monastery (Background Expansion)

Members of Epitheos Monastery can take the following trait options, replacing the normal trait from your background. Additionally, you can replace one your background’s proficiencies with an optional proficiency below.
Practitioners’ time at the Monastery lets them touch the beyond. With the GM’s permission, characters can add a “mystical experience” to their information from the Mystical Experiences table. The GM may also permit you to add one of your own creation.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception, Religion, Wisdom saving throws

Mystical Experiences

d6 Mystical Experiences
1 I realize now that I am but a lens through which the Beyond-Gods see.
2 I see now that nobody is truly unique; everyone is made up of the parts that make me, just in a different order.
3 I’ve seen the fabled Words of Creation, a vision of three great tomes beyond the heavens.
4 During meditation, danger, or a drug-induced hallucination, time slowed to a standstill and I could hear the Beyond-Gods playing dice with my life.
5 I looked up and saw a giant—a Beyond-God!—guiding me, like a great angel playing chess.
6 In dreams, I’ve walked with the gods among the planes and futures-past. Turns out, the gods are also but characters in a greater story.

d6 Bond
1 When I care about someone, I invite them to meditate, exercise, or drink tea.
2 I believe in the doctrine of Epitheos Monastery, but their practices conflict with those of my homeland.
3 My connection to my Beyond-God is strong… But I dare not explain so to others for fear they may think me insane.
4 To procure other mystical experiences, I’ve obtained contacts who deal in rare poisons and decadent intoxicants.
5 Instructor Seylah took me under-wing from our first meeting. I idolize her sense of perfection.
6 As a child, Dreamdrop visited me in a vision and safely guided me to the Monastery.

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