AC7 Master Player Screen (Basic D&D)

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AC7 Master Player Screen (Basic D&D)
Author: Bruce Nesmith
Publisher: TSR
Item Code: 9156 (AC7)
Release Date: 1985
Format: book, tri-fold heavy cardstock screen
Page Count: 8
ISBN-10: 0880382414
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Product Blurb:
For the first time, all the important tables and information for character classes has been gathered together in this easy-to-use accessory. This screen collects all the crucial information for player characters, from beginning to master level. This fabulous product includes Level advancement, spells and weapons tables: Saving Throws, Combat and Special Abilities.

Also featured is the Master level mini-adventure, The Spindle, the beginning of a quest for the secret of immortality. This adventure provides players and DMs alike, with a foundation from which to create their own epic quests into legend and beyond.

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