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White Wolf Publishing

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White Wolf Publishing[edit]

Sword & Sorcery Studios[edit]

Sword & Sorcery Studios is the imprint that White Wolf Publishing uses to publish d20 materials.

"Core" rulebooks are books that set forth rules that could apply to any campaign or setting. Books that seek to develop a setting are "sourcebooks." Stand-alone adventures are "Adventures".

OGL/3.x Publications[edit]

Variant d20 Systems[edit]

Core Rulebooks[edit]

Assorted Rulebooks[edit]

Might Series[edit]

Player's Guides[edit]



Arcana Unearthed/Arcana Evolved/Diamond Throne[edit]

Assorted Settings[edit]




  • Everquest RPG (ISBN: 1-58846-125-4) (WW 16500)
  • Everquest RPG: Game Master's Guide (ISBN: 1-58846-127-0) (WW 16502)
  • Everquest RPG: Monsters of Norrath (ISBN: 1-58846-126-2) (WW 16501)
  • Everquest RPG: Luclin (ISBN: 1-58846-066-5) (WW 16512)
  • Everquest RPG: Monsters of Luclin (ISBN: 1-58846-064-9) (WW 16514)
  • Everquest RPG: Befallen (ISBN: 1-58846-129-7) (WW 16520)
  • Everquest RPG: Temple of Solusek Ro (ISBN: 1-58846-132-7) (WW 16521)
  • Everquest RPG: Solusek's Eye (ISBN: 1-58846-062-2) (WW 16522)
  • Everquest RPG: Realms of Norrath: Freeport (ISBN: 1-58846-128-9) (WW 16510)
  • Everquest RPG: Realms of Norrath: Everfrost Peaks (ISBN: 1-58846-131-9) (WW 16511)
  • Everquest RPG: Realms of Norrath: Dagnor's Cauldron (ISBN: 1-58846-953-0) (WW 16515)
  • Everquest RPG: Realms of Norrath: Forests of Faydark (ISBN: 1-58846-133-5) (WW16513)
  • Everquest RPG: Plane of Hate (ISBN: 1-58846-976-X) (WW 16524)
  • Everquest RPG: Heroes of Norrath (ISBN: 1-58846-063-8) (WW 16504)
  • Everquest RPG: Al'Kabor's Arcana (ISBN: 1-58846-130-0) (WW 16503)
  • Everquest II RPG (ISBN: 1-58846-999-9) (WW 16550)

Gamma World[edit]

Iron Heroes[edit]



Scarred Lands[edit]


World of Warcraft[edit]

  • Warcraft the RPG (ISBN: 1-58846-071-1) (WW 17200)
  • Warcraft the RPG: Manual of Monsters (ISBN: 1-58846-070-3) (WW 17201)
  • Warcraft the RPG: Alliance & Horde Compendium (ISBN: 1-58846-063-0) (WW 17202)
  • Warcraft the RPG: Lands of Conflict (ISBN: 1-58846-960-3) (WW 17204)
  • Warcraft the RPG: Shadows and Light (ISBN: 1-58846-973-5) (WW 17205)
  • Warcraft the RPG: Magic and Mayhem (ISBN: 1-58846-954-9) (WW 17203)
  • World of Warcraft the RPG: Alliance Player's Guide (ISBN: 1-58846-773-2) (WW 17207)
  • World of Warcraft the RPG: Horde Player's Guide (ISBN:1-58846-772-4) (WW 17208)
  • World of Warcraft the RPG (ISBN: 1-58846-781-3) (WW 17210)
  • World of Warcraft the RPG: Monster Guide (ISBN: 1-58846-936-0) (WW 17212)
  • World of Warcraft the RPG: More Magic and Mayhem (ISBN: 1-58846-945-X) (WW 17211)
  • World of Warcraft the RPG: Lands of Mystery (ISBN: 1-58846-784-8) (WW 17206)
  • World of Warcraft the RPG: Dark Factions (ISBN: 1-58846-446-0) (WW 17213)

Publication Stubs[edit]

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